Gearbox: The Best of April

Gearbox: The Best of April
The William Penn Superbook ,

Ready to pack for your next trip yet?

OT Staff
May 26 , 2020
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Kronokare Spices of Rajasthan
The travel kit you need
Skincare while travelling should never be a torrid affair, and Kronokare has introduced travel-sized nourishment for all your oily, dry or combination skin needs. The Spices of Rajasthan kit uses aromatic influences of Oudh of Golden Dust, Cedar and Amber, with a hint of spiced chai for some heat. The fragrance takes you right to the middle of the Great Thar, and makes your senses tingle. All five 40 gram products—shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gel and cream soap—come in a nifty little pouch you can toss right into your suitcase. The company uses gentle, non-greasy products infused with essential oils, which are also laced with other goodies like seed oils, beetroot and plant extracts, glycerine, vanilla, and spices, making the travel kit perfect for hydration and softening. Exquisite care for supple skin, wherever you go! (From Rs 780;

Hidesign Rockstar
Let's get back to the '70s
It’s a trip back to the age of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll with Hidesign’s new Rockstar collection of bags. The brand is paying homage to the decades that birthed it by introducing their new line for the glamourous, energetic and ‘cool’. The range of bags—for both men and women—come in different styles, which are named after the movements in rock music over the years. Pop, Punk, Indie, Metal and Gothic make up the women’s range, while Hard Rock and Grunge feature in the men’s. The bags incorporate signature details like woven straps and solid brass chains, and the brand has also used three new kinds of leather for the collection: Tokyo, Afghan and milled leather in gold. So, now that you’re all glammed up, decked out and ready to rock ‘n’ roll, we’ll see you back in the ’70s! (From Rs 4,995;

Under Armour Hovr Machina
We're counting on them

A shoe that doubles up as a coach seems straight out of one of those sci-fi movies you’ve always wanted to be in. But now, it’s possible... kind of. Under armour’s new HOVr Machina high-performance running shoe connects to the MapMyrun app to log each run and train your every stride. Coupled with real-time form coaching, this shoe is built to maximise performance. (From Rs 12,000;

Play PlayGo BH70
Snoozing all the noise around

These ai-driven, noise-cancelling headphones are just what you need if you don’t like the pesky business of tinkering with technology to get the promised superior sound. The device self- calibrates both earpieces to give you the perfect blend of treble and bass. it has a 1,000 mAh battery and is also compatible with Google, Alexa and Siri. (From Rs 14,999;

William Penn Superbook 
This Superbook is all what we needed
If you’re anything like us and always carry a notebook, pen and power-bank wherever you go, life just got a whole lot easier. William Penn’s Superbook is all of those things and all at once. armed with a built-in 8,000 mAh wireless charger, a 3-in-1 cable for the old-school ones, and a 16 GB flash drive, the Superbook might just be the perfect on-the-go organiser. and we don’t say that lightly. (From Rs 7,500;




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