Book Review: The Great Nicobar Island: India’s Southern Fortune

Book Review: The Great Nicobar Island: India’s Southern Fortune
Book Cover, The Great Nicobar Island: India’s Southern Fortune,

Always wondered about the Nicobar Island? This book has it all for the traveller in you

OT Staff
May 13 , 2020
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Rehan Reza’s The Great Nicobar Island is a wealth of resource providing a keen understandingof the island, so much so that it might as well be a handbook on the island. Filled with clear, descriptive images and maps, it is suited for travellers and scholars alike. What serves as a selling point is the unique perspective it provides on a destination that is often considered a tourist hotspot. The book is quick to point out the island’s strategic and economic advantages, and its geographic potential. But above all this, The Great Nicobar Island is about the people that inhabit it; there are pages dedicated to narratives that describe their life, culture and recovery from the tsunami that struck the island. 



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