Airplanes might Carry Fewer Passengers Due to Climate Change

Airplanes might Carry Fewer Passengers Due to Climate Change
Airplanes might fly fewer people due to climate change, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Take-offs are getting affected due to changes in the air, temperatures, and wind

OT Staff
February 27 , 2020
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Climate change and greenhouse emissions go hand in hand. While sustainable travel and green vacations are trending globally, one aspect of your next voyage can’t be avoided, ie the airplane journey. And you might have to wait a little longer to get on that plane.

According to a latest research, your flights might take more time to take off owing to climate change.


As the climate has gradually changed over the years, so have the conditions on which pilots relied for take-off. According to the research, higher temperatures and weaker winds tend to make take-off more difficult. This directly indicates that airlines will be delivering fewer passengers and cargo in the same amount of fuel.

Due to climate change, the wind speed and directions are changing globally, making it difficult for airport runways to align with prevailing winds.

The take-off distances will also get longer as the climate warms, the research added. The wings and engine of the aircraft take the help of air density to sore higher up. As the climate becomes warmer, the air density reduces, making it difficult for the aircraft to take off. Airplanes need to generate more ground speed due to reduced headwinds to get into the air. Headwind is the average speed of the wind passing down the runway towards the airplane as it takes off.

Due to the difficulty in take off, flights could reduce the number of passengers they take on board. In certain cases it might become difficult to use some runways at all.

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