5 Apps Every Solo Woman Traveller Must Have

5 Apps Every Solo Woman Traveller Must Have
These applications are a must-have for woman travellers, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Safety? Travel companions? Best food places? Anything you wish for while travelling, at your fingertips

Sahana Iyer
January 21 , 2020
04 Min Read

Remember those days of group travel when every person had their own interests and insisted on being heard? No more. Solo travelling is the new ‘it’ thing. A trip catered to your interests is the ideal way to travel now. Meeting new people, engaging in meaningful conversations, sampling local dishes, exploring unknown destinations — that's the way many people want to explore the world. Unfortunately, the reality on the ground isn’t always as perfect as the idea. Much less so when you are a woman traveller when safety and sanitation can be issues on a solo trip. Thankfully, there are several mobile apps that can help. Here are 5 apps you must have when you are a solo woman traveller:



Solo travelling, sometimes, involves meeting and spending time with new people. Unfortunately, not every person you meet is tailored to your interests. Moreover, safety always plays into the picture when you are alone on the road. What if you could choose a trustworthy companion with similar interests? Tourlina is an app where people can sign up, add interests and then search for like-minded people accordingly. Safety is not a concern, since the app vets every profile that joins. They only allow Facebook access, so that they can verify an account. This typically can take up to 48 hours.

Available on Android and Apple devices.

Done with locals and fellow travellers with EatWith


While travelling, you might not know what to order from a jumbled menu of foreign dishes. What you need is a local experience. Eatwith offers a directory of hosts in select cities, who are willing to share their resources and time, and dine with you in true local fashion. You can simply sign up, scroll through the various experiences — cooking, dinner parties, food tours — and select the one you like at a certain time. And you have an opportunity to meet other travellers with stories of their own. 

Available on Android and Apple devices.


As a solo traveller, most of your experiences and expectations are researched to ensure you are aware of how you spend your time and money. However, certain aspects of travel are too grassrooted to be available on some website — safety is one factor. The Redzone app  allows you to navigate any new city through a safety meter. Think of a GPS navigation system, but replace the traffic warnings with safety advisories. Using their crime stats-driven tech, they determine places that are safe for you as a solo traveller and warn you against others that show high criminal activity.

Available on Apple devices.

Couch surfing is a popular trend


Gone are the days when travel was about luxurious hotels and mainstream experiences. It is now a nuanced concept, with people focussing more on the learning and exploring than the mundane top 10 lists. Couchsurfing has emerged as a trend in the past few years. People visit homes of hosts in different countries/cities and stay on their couch when they require a roof over their head. This connects you to locals and also cuts your costs. Through the Couchsurfing app, you can browse through various host options or even sign up to be one yourself. 

Available on Android and Apple devices.


Knowledge comes with experience. As a solo traveller, you might be nervous about visiting a place you can only pretend to know through internet research. TripWoman allows you to connect with other travellers who are willing to impart tips and information. Women of all ages are welcome — and verified as well. You can interact with travellers and understand the environment of a place through their first-hand experiences. They may also be able to offer more offbeat and unique experiences you are unlikely to find elsewhere. The best feature of the app is that you can click on an emergency button that will send your location and phone number to several members in your vicinity who speak the same language. Every account is verified and hence, there is no cause for concern there.

Available on Android and Apple devices.

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