Architect of Leaning Tower of Pisa Revealed

Architect of Leaning Tower of Pisa Revealed
A Mystery Revealed , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

After more than 800 years, the architect of the Leaning Tower of Pisa has been finally revealed. He was, apparently, mortified of the tilt and disappeared

OT Staff
January 11 , 2020
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A university in Pisa has reportedly confirmed the architect of the famous Leaning Tower, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Though considered a structure of marvel and beauty around the world, the architect was admittedly ashamed of the structure’s tilt and went into hiding. Thus, his identity was shrouded in mystery and a topic of debate for many years. His name? Bonanno Pisano. The distraught architect and the workers only realised that the tower was tilted once they reached the third level of the bell tower of Santa Maria Assunta. 

Before this reveal, famous architects like Gherardo di Gherardo and Giovani di Simone were rumoured to have created this tower. In the 18th century, Giorgio Vasari, a biographer, claimed that Pisano was, in fact, the architect. In 1838, excavations revealed a base stone with lines etched on it. But many believed that the stone had been a part of Bonanno’s sarcophagus and not the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The stone, now fully translated, reads “I, who without a doubt have erected this marvellous work that is above all others, am the citizen of Pisa by the name of Bonanno.” Bonanno Pisano was also the genius behind Pisa cathedral’s bronze doorways.


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