A Travel Checklist For Destination Weddings

A Travel Checklist For Destination Weddings
Keep these items in your bag for an organised destination wedding, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Pack right for the big day!

Sahana Iyer
December 15 , 2019
04 Min Read

Stressful times come by like high tides during the wedding season. All the planning, coordinating and organising can keep a person on their toes at all times. Add to it a travel aspect, and it’s easy for anyone to lose their cool. Destination weddings surely seem dreamy on social media, but only the parties involved can relate to the sweat and work behind it. At this time, travelling light yet effective is the ideal way to avoid hassles. Don’t fret, we’ll tell you how to accomplish that. Here are 7 travel accessories you need to carry for a destination wedding.

Keep your toiletries in order with a travel kit


Travel kits

Grooming is only second to hospitality when it comes to a wedding ceremony. Personal hygiene, makeup, clothing, accessories, the list is seemingly endless. When it comes to bathroom essentials, you don’t want to depend on a hotel’s supplies, however your own products might as well need their own suitcase. Save up some space in your luggage by using travel sized containers for all your essentials. These containers are easy to find in any grooming store (or even department stores at times). Simply transfer your products into miniature bottles and spray bottles so that you can pack light and access them anywhere.

Accessory organiser

What good is a designer outfit with no accessories or makeup? While it is recommended that one should pack only required clothing for the trip, it is understandable to have a couple of extra outfits in store for an emergency. And don’t worry about the dozen sets of necklaces and earrings. Invest in an accessory organiser in which you can compartmentalise all your jewellery in different pockets for respective outfits. These organisers also fold into a neat roll so as to save you some luggage area. You can also use them to store your makeup or try out dual organisers that have specific hard-cover pockets for your products. 

Tech envelopes

Weddings are no longer just a real-time ceremony between two families. The advent of technology has made it a virtual extravaganza to be reviewed by everyone’s peers on social media. This requires the couple to tablets, cameras, selfie sticks and much more. Even those looking for a private moment, require to carry power banks and phones for general purposes. All these electronic items can be easily stores in these tech envelopes. They have pockets for all your gadgets and keep them safe in tough fabric. Once you have organised them all, you wouldn’t need to think twice about the location of your beloved gizmos. 

 Universal adapters are a necessity while travelling across countries

Universal adapters

One could argue that this is a travel gear for all travellers, and they would be correct. No international travel gear list is complete without a universal adapter. As we all know, different countries can have varied electric sockets and the rushed wedding hours do not permit for a quick trip to the local electricals store. Thus, it is imperative to keep a universal adapter in your bag to ensure all your gadgets are charged for the big day.  

Stain remover pens

A stain on wedding attire is unacceptable. However, it is completely understandable to end up in such a situation given the bustle of the event. Food, drinks, rangoli colours, everything is a potential threat. However daunting the problem may seem, there is a simple and effective solution. Carry a stain remover pen in your bag to dissolve those tough marks on any outfit that may hamper your perfect picture. It is a last-minute saviour and though it may not be the ideal situation, it is good to have a backup in mind (or your purse).
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Be prepared for any injuries with a travel first-aid kit

Travel first aid kits

Safety first, no matter what the scenario. Mishaps during weddings are no unknown matter. Since most weddings host at least a few hundred people, it would be smart to account and plan for any injuries on site. A travel first-aid kit is convenient to carry in bags and also extremely useful in almost any situation. Most first-aid kits, no matter how compact, are equipped with the essentials- bandaids, bandages, gauze, antiseptic ointments and medicines for common ailments. Whether it is the guests, the family or the couple itself that needs a hand, a travel first-aid kit is a must-have. 
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Baggy slip for bathroom breaks

This product is more specific to the brides. A bridal outfit is generally designed more for the look. Comfort is a far second when it comes to priority. Heavy and often complicated, it is unimaginably tough to go to the washroom in such outfits. An innovation for the ages, a bag slip is a slip you can wear under your dress that you pull around your dress and pull above your shoulders. This picks up your entire lower garment for a comfortable trip to the bathroom. No more unfurling the entire costume! However, these may be more suited to lighter garments. 
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