You Can Now Visit Windsor Castle's Inner Hall In Its Former Glory

You Can Now Visit Windsor Castle's Inner Hall In Its Former Glory
A view of the famous two-and-a-half-mile Long Walk is visible on the new route, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The area has been vaulted for 150 years but the restoration now opens a new visitor route with the view of the famous two-and-a-half-mile Long Walk

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November 06 , 2019
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If you are a fan of the royal family, the Windsor Castle Inner Hall can now be added to your bucket list. Shut since 1866 by Queen Victoria, King George IV Inner Hall of the Windsor Castle has been reopened and restored for public visitation. Constructed in the 1820s by King George IV, the opulent space was an entrance hall to welcome official guests and state heads. Up till now, the area was primarily used as a storage space.

A new route links the current entrance on North terrace entrance to the State Entrance (where guests are currently greeted by Queen Elizabeth). A gorgeous view of the two-and-a-half-mile Long Walk greets the visitors on this route. The Long Walk was created in the 1680s by King Charles II. The renovations funded by the Royal Collection Trust also include stripping down layers of paint to reveal the ornate Regency ceiling bosses created by the fashionable stuccoist Francis Bernasconi.  

Additionally, tourists can also visit Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House and the State Apartments. A display along the visitor route also unfolds the castle’s 1000-year-long history. 

In the upcoming year, the castle will also open the castle’s first permanent cafe in the medieval Undercroft (one of the oldest parts of the castle, existing since the rule of Edward III). A dedicated learning centre will accompany this opening.  

The renovation comes under Royal Collection Trust’s Future Programme, that intends to enhance visitor experience at the castle.

The royal programme seems to be upping the ante on tourist experience. What might they come up with next?



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