11 Products You Just Camp Refuse

11 Products You Just Camp Refuse
Make your camping experience convenient and more joyful by packing these unique products, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

These unique products will make your camping experience better than ever before

Sahana Iyer
September 22 , 2019
06 Min Read

If you are a fan of the outdoors, we are sure that camping is high up on your bucket list. Fresh air, crisp grass and clear waters, what’s not to love? But while it paints a nice picture, there are certain things that need to be taken care of- packing, weather, no electricity. We have compiled a list of unconventional items to solve all these problems. Make camping easy and travel right with the following items:

 Forget about the bugs you might have encountered on the ground from your hammock tent


Hammock tent

Sleeping in a tent with bugs and soil sliding in is an incredible experience everyone must try once- said nobody ever. While nobody can discount the value of traditional tents, one can argue for a better product, in this case, hammock tents. Hammock tents are assembled by simply fastening the cords to tree trunks on a height. Most hammock tents house two and provide for a comfortable night’s sleep. And let’s face it, it is incredibly cool.

Some brands to consider are Sierra Madre, Oak Creek and Active Roots.

 Do not compromise on hygiene while camping, invest in a portable shower

Portable shower

Roughing it out in the wild does not need to- and should not- involve lack of hygiene. For long term camping trips, opt for a pressure or portable shower. Not only can you indulge in quick showers but also cleanse any dirty equipment or utensils you may be carrying. Just fill up the contraption with water and you’re good to go.

Some brands to consider are RinseKit, Helio and Coleman.

 Keep safe in the darkness with these solar powered lights

Solar-powered light

A distant roar, howling winds and most of all, unrecognised sounds are nightmare-inducing in the dark of the night on a campsite. A simple solar-powered light should solve your problem. While there are many on the market ( knockoffs can be easily found at flea markets), we suggest investing in a sound brand for quality.

Some brands to consider are Havells, Qualimate and Greenlight Planet.

 Keep the mosquitos and diseases at bay with portable mosquito repellent bands

Mosquito repellent bracelets

We can all agree that the one part of camping nobody looks forward to is the batting and beating mosquitoes away. Especially with children, one needs to be careful as to not contract any diseases just because camping was on your bucket list. While many ointments and coils have dominated the market, they can wear off or have limited effect. Simple mosquito repellent bracelets will not only help you avoid these mishaps but also can be carried anywhere you go. 

Popular brand Odomos could be considered. 

 Cut your travel weight with these multi-use luminous ropes

Solar-powered luminous camping rope

We have already discussed the constraints that one might face at the time of darkness at a campsite. Carrying bulky lights may not be conducive to your ‘pack light’ agenda. Thanks to solar-powered luminous ropes, you can carry the same amount of items as before while still having a light source. Just use the ropes to bind the tent as you would and enjoy the light along with it. 

Some brands to consider are Tradico and SLB works.

 Carry your sleeping bag on your back and cut travel weight

Wearable sleeping bag

Camping in the cold invites heavier packing. Jackets, bedsheets, leg warmers and these are just the essentials. Wouldn’t it be great if one product could do all of this? Well, we don’t know of one as advanced but we do have one that does the work of two- a jacket that can turn into a sleeping bag instantly. Something to keep you warm, provide you with a decent night of sleep and best of all, carry on your back the whole time. 

OUTERDO is a brand that you could look out for.

 These cups will help you save space for other travel essentials

Collapsible Travel Cups

Number one rule of camping: Be prepared. Number two: Travel light. But how can one be truly prepared and cut down supplies at the same time? Compact products are the key. Replace your bulky mugs and space-occupying cups with collapsible travel cups. Just push the convenient sized product into a pocket and you’re ready to go. 

Some brands to consider are stojo, MoKo and ME.FAN.

 Environmental friendly and useful, these wipes are the perfect to-go products

Biodegradable wipes

The effects of global warming are dawning upon us, and quite intensely too. While the increasing disposable income in the country does allow us to fulfill our wishes and enjoy activities, it is important that we do so responsibly. Wipes are important during camping for odd jobs. Carry biodegradable wipes so as to not litter the site and also be responsible to nature in general.

Some brands to consider are Kolan, Mother Sparsh and Jackson Reece.

 Keep away from soggy socks and invest in these waterproof counterparts

Waterproof socks

You’re walking through the woods, enjoying the towering trees form a canopy above you and the next thing you know, your shoes and socks are soaked because of a misstep into a puddle. Is walking the rest of the way with damp socks the only option? No. Invest in waterproof socks to avoid any discomfort in unfortunate events as such. 

Some brands to consider are Showers Pass, Layeba and Randy Sun. 

 Compress your first aid kit into a useful flashlight

First Aid Flashlight 

To reiterate, one must always be prepared while roughing it out in the wild. It is not uncommon to fall into scenarios where you might need first aid. Now invest in the first aid flashlight. A simple invention that is a flash light but also holds first aid equipment in its handle. So you can carry remedies at all times with ease.

VSSL is the brand to pioneer the product.

 Keep the tropical heat at bay with your own portable air conditioner (most are smaller than shown in this image)

Portable air conditioner

You cannot control the weather but you can protect yourself from harsh conditions in case of raging sunshine. Portable air conditioners may not be the most convenient to pack but in the tropical summer of India, boy do they come handy. Cool off the modern way with no plugs required. 

Some brands to consider are Eurgeen and BlueStar.

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