One Heart. Two Worlds : The Story of the Jews of Kochi

One Heart. Two Worlds : The Story of the Jews of Kochi
The illustrated coffee table book talks about the Jews of Kerala ,

This coffee table book by Dr KS Mathew & Yamini Nair documents the history of Jews in Kerala

OT Staff
September 09 , 2019
Less than 1 Min Read

This illustrated coffee table book documents the history of the Jews in Kerala for over 2,000 years. Even as their culture wanes, it thrives with the keen attention of this community, who wish only to preserve their slice of life in the state. With the Jews’ tenacious history unfurling worldwide, Kerala became a much-needed haven. One Heart. Two Worlds: The Story of the Jews of Kochi is laced with pictures depicting their life, some anecdotes and small informative sections on the religion and its practices, on symbols and instruments. Flipping through the book, one can find many handwritten songs and recipes. For instance, to make curries kosher, coconut milk is poured in so as to not mix dairy and meat. Or how tapioca is used in place of gelatin as a binding agent. There is much to unpack in this coffee table tome, and we aver that a single read just might not be enough.


very informative and wel researched postnice post thanks for sharing
ALI ZAIB December 03 , 2019

Kerela has unique culture and some traditional belief among the people of the kerela. Coconut milk and other natural recipes are their main ingredient for making this type of coffee tablebook history.This site will teach them to write unique content about their traditional culture for the other people beyond kerela.
Shah Alam September 16 , 2019

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