Get Yourself Some Beluga Time, But From A Distance

Get Yourself Some Beluga Time, But From A Distance
Two female beluga whales are the first residents of their namesake sanctuary,

Rehabilitated beluga whales and dolphins find a new home at Beluga Whale Sanctuary, Iceland

OT Staff
August 19 , 2019
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There is a sea of happiness in Iceland, and it comes with beluga whales and dolphins. The world’s first Beluga Whale Sanctuary, tied with Sea Life Trust and Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), has opened its gates in Klettsvik Bay on Heimaey Island. The small inlet on the island will serve as a haven for these sea creatures, where they will thrive in their natural arctic habitat. In June 2019, the sanctuary received its first two residents, Little Grey and Little White, two female beluga whales who made the journey all the way from China. The sanctuary will rehabilitate captive whales and dolphins, and hopes to ban all whale and dolphin entertainment shows in the future. When in the sanctuary, take a guided boat ride into the bay to observe the whales, but don’t worry, for there will be little disturbance to the creatures. Don’t forget to take a peek at the puffin hospital, where puffin chicks will be studied and cared for. The tickets for the boat ride to the bay, the puffin rescue centre and the aquarium are for ISK 8,500 per person. See Beluga Whale Sanctuary for more information.

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