India’s Recent Attempts to Encourage Tourism

India’s Recent Attempts to Encourage Tourism
Indian visa requirements now encourages more foreign nationals, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

In order to increase an influx of foreign nationals, India is sprucing up various avenues to make the nation more tourism friendly

OT Staff
August 07 , 2019
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A land lauded for its cultural diversity and vibrant communities, India has slowly been climbing up on tourists’ travel list. With uncountable yet delectable food items, grandiose monuments, sweeping natural views and friendly locals, reasons to visit India are aplenty. As the tourism industry continually gains traction across the world, countries are now competing with tempting offers to attract the visitors. Joining the trend, India in the past few months has brought forth its best to ensure increasing tourism. 

The Indian Visa has never been out of reach for travellers, but with the recent subtractions from the requirements, it has become all the more favourable to tourists. Main visa categories have been reduced from 26 to 21 due to clubbing of certain criteria. Subcategories of an Indian visa have also been reduced from 104 to 65. The liberal approach towards the Indian Visa will not only permit more foreign nationals into the country but also increase access to various activities within the nation. 


While visa amendments can be seen as an incentive, India is also working towards the development of cities to ensure a better environment for tourists as well as locals. While some developments may not explicitly be in regards to tourism, the result of the same will nevertheless favour India as a tourist spot. A large push for better commute, India’s metropolitans have been getting important updates and additions to increase coverage, speed and facilities under the public transport system. Introduction of the underwater metro and the hyperloop transit, for instance, will certainly bring more people to consider the public transport. 

Attractions in India are ever so many, and many more are frequently unveiled. With increasing access to natural and manmade attractions, India has elevated the sightseeing experience. In recent weeks, Mumbai has unveiled plans for a 500-crore investment zoo to meet international standards; ferry rides to navigate inland waterways of the North Eastern states; the countrys first dinosaur park in Gujarat and various cultural festivals. Seems like a lot to cover, doesn’t it?

The political turmoil in the nation may cause a hurdle for tourism in Northern states, however one can hope that these incentives prove fruitful for the rest of the country.

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