Gearbox: The Best of July

Gearbox: The Best of July
The best gadgets for a comfortable travel,

Keep your travels convenient and manageable with our list of must-have gadgets

OT Staff
July 28 , 2019
03 Min Read

Keep your router handy to have internet access on the go

Tp-Link Ac750 Wireless Travel Router

It was about time someone bought this genius creation to life: a portable wifi router. No, not the usual hotspot device available to us, but actual wifi that goes where you do. TP-Link’s AC750 Wireless Travel Router packs a punch with its dual-band capability. Extremely compact, it is easy to carry and fits well in your bag or pocket. If you find yourself in a hotel, plug in the ethernet to create a personal network. The device can be fired-up as a hotspot or used to extend the range of your wifi at home. Designed especially for travellers, students and people on the go, the unit can also be used as a mini power bank (up to 5V/2A) to charge your phones and tablets. You can also use the multi-functional USB port to transfer files and media through your browser. (From `2,199;

Organise all your data with your Seagate Backup

Seagate Backup Plus Slim

Data is something we hoard, be it memories or work. We treat it with utmost diligence and don’t want to be limited to the space our laptops or smartphones offer. Seagate’s new variant, Backup Plus Slim, is a quick solution. With a sleek body, the 2TB version is equipped with USB-C or USB 3.0, for both Windows and iOS systems. Backup is also possible with a single click. It also allows one to schedule daily, weekly and monthly backups. The hard drive comes in many colours and can sync data across many devices. (`5,999;

Your cameras can be secure with the new Peak Design Capture

Peak Design Capture

Capture is a photographer’s delight. It hooks your camera to your bag or belt, keeping it secure as you move around. Unlike a camera bag, it makes the camera easily accessible. Capture has a two-lock system—the metal clips clamps on straps of a bag or belt, while the Acra tripod-compatible plate that locks at the bottom of the camera. The device can hold up to 90kg in weight and unhooks with a simple click. (`4,865;

 Comfortable sleep is on your way with the Hoodiepillow

Hoodiepillow Hooded Travel Pillow

Travelling can often be a pain in the neck, literally. HoodiePillow’s travel pillows create a cocoon to slide into, affording more privacy than a regular one. Made of memory foam, the pillow comes attached with a hoodie with drawstrings. All you need to do is cover your head and pull on the strings. The travel pillow will save you from intrusive lights and chatty seat partners alike. (From `4,196;

Get rid of wrinkly clothing with this handy steam iron

Steamfast Sf-717

Mussed clothes never look good, and we don’t always have the luxury to hunt down a laundry service on the road. The Steamfast iron is nifty and portable. Heralded as one of the smallest steam irons, it is lightweight and fits in your luggage with expert ease. It comes with a non-stick press plate and dual voltage (really handy when travelling overseas). (From `2,088;

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