Travel Easy With These 6 Public Transit Apps

Travel Easy With These 6 Public Transit Apps
These 5 mobile apps will help you navigate through your city, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Easy commuting is just one click away

Sahana Iyer
June 29 , 2019
03 Min Read

Google maps has become the holy grail application for information on transit and directions. Basking in its glory, the app often overshadows its competitors. Unaware to many, there are various mobile applications on the market that help a traveller or even a resident understand and gauge the public transit routes and schedules. Here is our list of public transit mobile apps that are worth the memory space on your phone.

M-indicator is a popular transit app



How could this list not include the classic M-indicator? If you are a Mumbaikar, you know and love this application. Not only does it provide information about bus, train and metro schedules, but also gives a peek into the recreational side of the city, including picnic spots, hotels, movie theatres and drama theatres. In addition to this, the app can also be used to get live updates on the status of the public transport and the prices of various public and private transport (such as auto rickshaws).

Available on both iOS and Android software.

Navigate Delhi with the One Delhi app

One Delhi

Is there anything on which Mumbai and Delhi do not compete? Where M-indicator is limiting Mumbai’s hustle and easier to handle, Delhi is being connected by the One Delhi app. Generally very well connected by an efficient metro system, Delhi’s public transport majorly consists of the metro and the buses. One Delhi app helps you navigate the metro and bus system around the city. It also gives you an estimated time of arrival for any transport. In addition to this, you can also use the app to detect the nearest metro station to you.

Available on Google Play. It will soon feature on the Apple store as well.

Moovit can help you travel in different countries


Do you find yourself perpetually on the plane due to travel schedules? A cross-country mobile application may be suitable for you and we know just the thing. Moovit is an application that holds information on public transit across 2800 cities across the world! This includes cities in the UK, the US, Ireland, Singapore, India (of course) and many more. The app can be used in six cities across the country, including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mysuru, Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. It guides you if you want to get from one point to another and also displays maps, schedules and other important alerts.

Available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Ridlr will help you avoid long exhausting lines to buy tickets


A detailed amalgamation of information on public transit, Ridlr is an app that integrates and showcases public transport data across 19 cities in India! While the more obvious Mumbai and Delhi are on the list, the app even caters to audience in smaller cities such as Vadodara and Bhopal. You can access all bus, train, metro schedules and also buy your tickets online, instead of exhausting yourself in a never-ending line. In addition to this, the app also gives information on any accidents or traffic jams that may have occurred so one can avoid those routes.

Available on Google Play.

Explore the small cities in India with Chalo


Smaller cities do not bear the luxury of metros or trains; to be fair, it is not generally a necessity considering everything is in proximity. For this reason, buses are quite popular in these areas and are generally accessed frequently. For the small-town crowd in India, Chalo is the perfect app. Chalo helps its users track buses and book their tickets online. From Jabalpur and Kanpur to Kochi and Mangaluru, the app carers to 16 small cities in India. Do not fret is you live in the metropolitan, the app also caters to a few big cities such as Mumbai and Kolkata.

Available on Google Play.

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