A Ticket To The International Space Station?

A Ticket To The International Space Station?
Space travel to the ISS, anyone?, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

NASA has declared the opening of the International Space Station for commercial business

Titash Basu
June 18 , 2019
01 Min Read

The stage is set. The script is ready. Now, only astronauts are required to audition for parts. 

Recently, NASA declared the opening of the International Space Station (ISS) for commercial business. The objective? A commoner can now dream of going to space!

NASA’s plan is to enable private astronaut missions for the duration of 30 days on the ISS. These missions will carry out duties that are categorised as commercial activities approved by NASA. If supported by the market, NASA can provide for two short duration private astronaut missions annually to its space station. These missions will be completely funded by private resources and amount to around $35,000 daily per astronaut. However, NASA’s medical standards as well as training and certification procedures must be adhered to.

In other words, NASA is actually extending an invitation to private companies to purchase time and space on the ISS. Products can be tested and perhaps commercials and movies can also be shot against the backdrop of space. There is one catch, however. All these activities are attached to an enormous price tag.

Until now NASA had exercised strict prohibition on the use of the ISS for any commercial purpose unless it involved some clearly defined educational component. Now however, the thinking has undergone a change. NASA administration is now looking into ways to enhance recognition for NASA and increase its resources by inviting commercialisation.

Perhaps this decision comes in response to the President’s 2018 budget request to set an end date on direct funding for the ISS by 2025. Such enterprise would enable NASA to build and preserve its resources for far more ambitious missions such as building a new space station near the moon. And humankind would only benefit from such ingenuity and innovation.

So, space travel anyone?

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