Arabian Sights You Should Visit

Arabian Sights You Should Visit
Here's a great expression of Iran's beauty, Photo Credit: @everydayiran

Discover a new love for Middle East by following these Instagram accounts that we share an affection for

OT Staff
May 26 , 2019
02 Min Read

Middle East is a cultural hub filled with unimaginable sights with see. With gorgeous architecture, sublime natural constructs- this region of Asia has over the years become a popular tourist destination. If you have yet to visit, here are five instagram accounts who will give you instant wanderlust. 

If you thought Instagram’s 3x3 grid was symmetrical, wait till you stop by the @ihavethisthingwithzelij handle. All kinds of Zelige, intricate and vibrant-hued Moroccan mosaic tiles, find their way into the feed, as do plenty of pretty images of handcrafted art. The account searches for patterns all over the North African country and doesn’t rely much on filters—the photos do all the talking.

Abdurrauf Ben Madi’s (@bdurrauf.ben.madi) handle is as much an ode to the people of Libya as it is a treat for the eyes. A Libyan freelance documentary photographer who focusses on local culture, Ben Madi mainly uses an iPhone and has an affinity for monochrome shots. Find a healthy mix of visual appeal and storytelling in all his posts, but more than anything else, you’ll find humanity.

Although a lawyer in Dubai by profession, Huda Bin Rheda’s handle (@hudabinr) manages to hold the attention of anyone with an eye for aesthetic. She frames the usual architecture and landscapes of Dubai in a unique and soulful manner with her extraordinary skills and by using natural light. She also showcases the region beyond its glass and steel marvels.

In a bid to capture the spirit of daily life in Iran, using light and colour in photographs, @everydayiran is a great expression of the country’s beauty. The handle shares photographs clicked by the residents of the west Asian nation, hoping to break stereotypes propagated by international media and present the actual social realities.

With the aim of cataloguing Arabic lettering from different corners of the world, artists Noha Zayed and Vatyma created this popular handle (@arabictypography) to delve on the stories behind the symbols. Zayed’s photography is, in fact, also the core of the book, Khatt: Egypt’s Calligraphic Landscape, which was published last year.


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