Is There Really A Yeti In The Himalayas?

Is There Really A Yeti In The Himalayas?
Screenshot of the 'Yeti footprints' sited by the Indian Army,

The Indian Army gave us some larger-than-life news yesterday

Bhavika Govil
May 01 , 2019
01 Min Read

Here’s some big news that’s been making the rounds. Giant news, if we may. The Indian Army tweeted the appearance of a possible ‘yeti’ on their official Twitter account yesterday. On encountering large footprints (measuring 32 in x 15 in), The Indian Army Mountaineering Expedition believed them to belong to a Yeti, a ‘mythical beast’ that belongs to the folklore of Nepal. The Indian Army also called the Yeti, an ‘elusive snowman’, saying that its ‘mysterious footprints’ have been sited near Makalu Base Camp on 9 April 2019. 

The tweet garnered a lot of attention since its release—over 11k retweets and 25k likes, not to mention both national and international media attention. And the reactions cover a range of spectrums. While former BJP MP Tarun Vijay urged the Army not to call Yeti a "beast" but a "snowman", several people have asked why the ‘yeti’ in the photograph is one-legged. In response, the Indian Army has claimed to send to domain experts to find other further information.

This isn’t the first time that someone believed that they sited Yeti footprints. The part-human part-creature that is said to exist in the cold mountainous regions of the high Himalayas, and time and again, people claim to sight traces of its large footprints. Its existence, however, has yet to ever be proved and it remains as mythical as Finland’s Santa Claus and Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster. Only a lot hairier.


With inputs from PTI

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