What Does Actor Ajay Devgn Have To Say About Travel?

What Does Actor Ajay Devgn Have To Say About Travel?
Ajay Devgn wishes to drive through Rajasthan, the desert state, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Actor Ajay Devgn speaks about his love for travel with his family

Aarti Kapur Singh
May 07 , 2019
02 Min Read

What does a holiday mean to you?

Ajay Devgn

A vacation where I don’t have to go through my daily routine would be a holiday. Honestly, family vacations are the only time I don’t have to think about work. Kajol and I love travelling with our friends and family. 

What do you do on a holiday?

The more the people on a holiday, the happier we are. We are a big bunch and a holiday means spending time by the pool or just chilling with family. We are divided when it comes to picking a destination. Kajol and my son prefer beaches, while my daughter and I love the mountains. I am not very fond of running around malls and markets, and would much rather have a drink or two.

What do you not like about holidays?

The packing. That is irritating to be honest. My fans are always polite and friendly when we come across them. We even made friends with a family while vacationing in Thailand. But the paparazzi is everywhere. They take pictures without consent, and that is annoying to say the least.

Any favourite destinations?

Oh so many. In India, I love Rajasthan. In fact I would love to travel across the state by road. There is so much to see and do. Same with Ladakh. It is such a different landscape and the people are just so warm. Darjeeling is another gorgeous place. London, for me, is like my second home. Australia also has so much to offer. When we shot Shivaay, I was able to travel to such breathtaking locations, both in India and abroad. 

Any memorable holiday experience?

The one that stands out is the one that nearly got me killed. During Shivaay’s shooting in the mountains of Bulgaria, the temperature was close to -25°C. Everyone was miserable. As the director, I had to stay strong. I almost went into hypothermic shock and a medic had to be called in. While the experience wasn’t great, I think the location, the views and the sunrise made up for it.

Do you collect souvenirs?

I don’t enjoy shopping. But sometimes if I see scale models of cars and bikes, I pick them up. If they are handmade, even better.

Some destinations on your wishlist?

Ajay Devgn wants to backpack in South America

I would say Japan and the Amazon rainforest. And not just to shoot for a film, but I would love to backpack across South America.


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