The Notre Dame Fire: 5 Things That Have Happened Since

The Notre Dame Fire: 5 Things That Have Happened Since
The Notre Dame Cathedral post the fire, Photo Credit: Getty Images

After Monday's fire that ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral, the world comes together to help to the architectural gem in Paris

Meenketan Jha
April 19 , 2019
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The world continues to mourn the devastation caused by the outrageous fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral destroying the building's spire and roof. The gothic styled-architectural marvel has served as one of the standout locations in Paris. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, labelled the event as a "terrible tragedy" promising to rebuild the glorious monument in the coming years. World leaders like Michelle Obama also took to social media to express grief over the calamity.

The fire at the Notre Dame

Since then though, several significant events have taken place to assist in restoring the 12th-century cathedral. The monument, close to the thousands of Parisians that live in the city, houses some gorgeous magical pieces of art. To get this magnificent structure back to its original state will require a lot of effort and faith. Here are five updates that have come since the calamitous fire:  

  • Macron called for the world to come together to help restore the monument. And, oh man, did the world answer his calls. More than € 900 million Euros have been raised towards the fundraising effort to help rebuild the cathedral ravaged by the outrageous fire.     
  • The French President has showed incredible enthusiasm to bring the landmark to its original state saying that he would like to complete the restoration process in the coming five years. Sadly though, as much as you can appreciate his fervour, experts have said that the reconstruction could take several decades. Furthermore, even if the cathedral does go through a rebuild, it can't be completely be remade. The roof's wooden beam can't be reconstructed because trees of that size aren't available.
  • To commemorate the devastating event, the spire of the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center lit up in French flag colours as a show of solidarity with the French and Catholic community. 
  • Parisians came together to show their undulated love for the Notre Dame Cathedral during a vigil in front of the Church of St. Sulpice. The locals sang hymns in honor of the cathedral. Paris' archdiocese has announced that the Holy Week Masses, originally scheduled at the Notre Dame, will be celebrated here. 
  • The French government has announced an international competition to design the spire. Instead of recreating the original, a new spire taking into account the modern time will be used to rebuild this architectural treasure. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe calls the process a "huge challenge, and a historic responsibility".

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