Air Taxis, Anyone?

Air Taxis, Anyone?
Air taxis might just become a reality very soon, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

German company Volocopter is going to test air-taxis in Singapore in the latter half of the year and flying within a city can soon become a reality

OT Staff
April 18 , 2019
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Remember the Jetsons' flying cars? Or any sci-fi adventure film that showcase traversing the skies instead of taking the roads to commute? Well, that might soon become a reality. 

German company Volocopter will soon be conducting trials for air taxis in Singapore. The company recently said that in the second half ot 2019, they will conducting flight tests. The Volvocopter looks like a mishmash between a drone and helicopter hybrid but completely works on the former's technology. It can be flown by a pilot controlling a joystick and also and remote controlled from the ground.

The trial which is going to take place over the seas and not over the high sky-scrapers of Singapore is mainly aimed to determine which flight mode the air-taxi will operate in in an urban situation. Feasible air traffic routes can be implemented by an air traffic management system, taking into consideration other factors like the tropical climate, humidity, where to take off and land etc.

Ensuring that safety is a priority, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Singapore’s Ministry of Transport and the Economic Development Board are supporting the German company as they work towards adding a third dimension to urban mobility. Apart from passenger rides, air taxis also have the potential to transform mobility and logistics in urban environments across the world.

If air taxis become a reality, it is bound to ease up road and rail congestion. We will now have to wait and see. 

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