Fight Off Pollution With A Little Help From This App

Fight Off Pollution With A Little Help From This App
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Learn how to deal with the rapidly growing challenges of pollution with the AQI India app

Anshika Nagar
April 08 , 2019
Less than 1 Min Read

Pollution is an issue we can no longer choose to ignore. Escaping it is not a solution, as, more often than not, we either live in or travel to severely polluted areas. It is affecting health, living conditions and even tourism because people are scared to travel to India. Air Quality Index (AQI) India has launched a smartphone app to track pollution. While the app can’t reduce emissions (obviously), it sparks a conversation about the dangers of increasing pollution levels in our country. Last year AQI installed 400 monitors across the nation, and this quarter they plan to add a thousand more. The app gives a lot of information for free. Users can note real-time, accurate readings of pollution levels for their curent and entered locations. They can see PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels, noise levels (in decibels), humidity, temperature, and can compare the data across seasons and time of the day. Additionally, the app lists out precautionary measures. (AQI India is available for both Android and iOS users.)

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