5 Quirky Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

5 Quirky Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow
Rich McCor adds a creative twist to famous monuments with his unmatched vision , Photo Credit: Rich McCor

These quirky Instagram accounts showcase ideas with an inspirational twist

OT Staff
March 04 , 2019
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Witness the best from around the world by following these five Instagram accounts. Observe photography elevated to another level with a blend of distortion, minimal editing, and paper-cuts to create masterpieces that are sure to charm you. 

Lee's ingenious example of food photography

Julie Lee (@julieskitchen) is a genius when it comes to food photography. Her feed is bright and colourful and her photos almost look like real paintings. Based in California, Julie’s photos are a visual harmony with pleasing colour schemes. Grapes, pomegranates, lettuce, oranges, tomatoes, parsley stems and every kind of produce under the sun becomes a work of art under Julie’s care.

Saroff gives new alternate perspectives with her photography

Suzanne Saroff (@hisuzanne) is a New York-based photographer who takes shots of distortions. She uses foods and flowers as seen through glass objects or vessels filled with water, to create a fractured image so beautiful, you’d want to stare at it for hours. “My photographs give everyday items alternate visual avenues of expression,” is how Saroff puts it.

Using everyday objects, Estrella makes his designs simply outstanding

Javier Pérez Estrella (@cintascotch) is a revelation. Using simple objects and ink, the graphic designer from Guayaquil, Ecuador, creates minimal art to give people a “break from the saturation of photos”. Be it scissors (to show a woman exercising), a champagne glass (to give a sense of the New Year celebrations), dried pasta (to create rain and a loving couple under an umbrella) or just coffee beans and a Cup of Joe (to create a camera), this handle is sleek and we love it!

Eric Paré's 360 Degrees camera system offers an unique visual treat

Have you heard of light painting or bullet time? Well, Montreal’s Eric Paré (@ericparephoto) has been creating masterpieces for the past seven years using this method. With minimal editing, he’s developed a 360° camera system in his studio to create brilliant shots. He says that his light-paintings and reflections are always 100 per cent real and created by hand.

McCor uses paper cut-outs to give monuments a creative update

Rich McCor (@paperboyo) is best known as a London-based photographer who goes around the world using paper cut-outs to give existing buildings and monuments a creative update. He uses a black design in the foreground of the images to change it completely, making it cool and exciting. He’s even published a book on his journey called Around the World in Cut-Outs. Be it a cut-out of Mary Poppins, a weightlifter, an elk, Aquaman, a butterfly or even a dragon, each photograph is as exciting as the next.

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