What Did The Beckhams Do On Their Trip to Down Under? David Tells Us All

What Did The Beckhams Do On Their Trip to Down Under? David Tells Us All
The Beckhams went horse riding on their visit to Australia,

Footballer David Beckham tells us about the joy of traveling with family and his dream destinations

Aarti Kapur Singh
March 03 , 2019
02 Min Read

What does a holiday mean to you?

Footballer David Beckham talks about travel

An ideal holiday is one that we can have as a family. It is one thing to keep country-hopping for work, but I like to have my brood around if I want a meaningful and fun vacation.

How easy or difficult is it to arrive at a consensus for where to go?

We are very well-behaved that way and won’t kick around unnecessarily (laughs). I have noticed that it doesn’t take much convincing the kids if it is a destination they haven’t been to before. So yeah, that curiosity about travelling and exploring, which we all have, makes it easier to pick. 

What do you do while on a vacation?

Now that’s where we usually bicker! The boys and I always want to run around and get adrenaline rushes, while Victoria and Harper insist on doing girly things. So we divide the time. When we travelled to Australia for the Invictus Games, we enjoyed a number of activities, including climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Victoria and Harper, on the other hand, enjoyed a day of pampering at a couple of spas and salons. But mostly, it is action packed—because that is the majority, right (laughs)? The Aussie holiday started with a visit to Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures, a 3,000-acre property located near Sydney. The site offers adventures such as horse riding, kayaking, quad biking and abseiling—which only the boy squad did, unfortunately. But Victoria and Harper did try their hands at quad biking. We also do a lot of the cultural stuff. In Bali, the boys and I enjoyed bamboo fishing with the locals, while Harper and Victoria learnt to rustle up culinary delicacies.

What do you not like about holidays?

The jet lag. What a pain! And also the packing and unpacking. It doesn’t help that we don’t travel light.

Any memorable holiday experience?

We were in Bali last August when the earthquake struck. We were around 60 miles away from the epicentre and rather shaken up, literally. It was an experience—something I cannot describe.

Do you collect souvenirs?

Not me so much, but Harper will pick up seashells and the like. Cruz and Brooklyn are fond of picking up local stuff like boomerangs.

Some destinations on your wishlist?

David Beckham is keen to travel to the poles

Well, I would love to go to the poles. The boys are game, but we are still working on the other members of the family (laughs). A month-long trip to India would be ni

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