Rapid Fire With Chef Garima Arora of Gaa

Rapid Fire With Chef Garima Arora of Gaa

We caught up with Chef Garima of the Michelin-star restaurant Gaa on her love of nachos, alternate professions & other weird food secrets

Bhavika Govil
November 26 , 2018
05 Min Read

Chef Garima Arora is cooking up a storm--quite literally. Her food is phenomenal and packed with flavour, and the fact that her restaurant Gaa in Bangkok was recently awarded a Michelin star is only a testament to that. But there's more to know about her beyond what meats the eye (pun intended). Here's what she does when she's not in chef whites. 

Q: What is a must-eat street food in Mumbai?
A: Sev batata puri.

OT: And something you like to eat in Bangkok?
A: I love kebabs—everyone should have kebabs.

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more people means more eats, and home in time for the second half. sambar vada, mysore masala dosa, cone masala dosa, cheese dosa, and upma. note to self: cheese dosa gets too greasy and curd rice is only available after 10:30. #weekendbreakfast with @purtik1 and @alanna.w. #southindianfood. #dosa. #bayareaeats. #madrascafe. #gameday. #letsgosteelers. #herewego

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OT: Do you have a favourite restaurant in Mumbai?

A: Every time I land in Bombay, the first place I go to is Madras Café.

OT: What’s the weirdest food item you’ve ever tried? Will you have it again?
A: I tried balut (fertilized duck embryo) in the Philippines. It was nasty! It wasn’t good at all and isn’t something I’m ever having again.

OT: What is something we'll always find in your fridge?
A:  Alcohol—there’s always wine in my fridge.

OT: Do you have a sweet tooth or a salty one?
A: Definitely salty.

OT: Tell us about a fast food item you not-so-secretly binge on.
A:  Nachos. You can give me nachos any time of the day and I will finish it. It’s my personal weakness.

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A big shout out to the 30 most amazing people I have met over the past year and a half. Each one of them persevered, believed and always showed up. To each member of team Gaa a big thank you and congratulations now let’s beer pong! 🍾ðŸ¥Â‚🍻â­Âï¸ÂðŸ’¥ðŸ’¥

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What do you do to unwind after a long day, week or month?
A: [I usually spend time] with my crew, the only family I have in Thailand. We open a couple of bottles of wines or beer and order pizza. Then we'll catch up and laugh about the stuff that happens in the kitchen. 

OT: If you weren't a chef, what would you like to be? 
A:  I always tell my husband, who is a pilot, that If I were not a cook, I would be a pilot.

OT: What's the next destination you’d like to visit?
A:  I want to visit Mexico. There is a food-related reason for that. I love Mexican food and I have a really talented Mexican chef in my restaurant. Every time I eat his food I go like, "Wow I have to go to Mexico."

OT: What’s a phrase anyone living in Bombay should learn?
A: “Boss!” 

OT: And is there something we should learn before visiting Thailand?
A: Yes. “Aroi mak”—it means “it’s really delicious!”

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