Kausshal Dugarr And His Affection For Tea

Kausshal Dugarr And His Affection For Tea
Kausshal Dugarr, CEO & Founder at,

Kausshal Dugarr discusses his perfect cup of tea and the inspiration behind launching his company, Teabox.

Amit Dixit
November 24 , 2018
02 Min Read

What is your relationship with the world of tea?

My relationship with the world of tea goes back to my formative years in Darjeeling. My family had been in the industry for years and as a boy I would visit tea gardens with my father for his business dealings. I have great memories of those trips. 


What made you launch Teabox?

Given my background, I have had great exposure to some very good teas. But in all the time I spent outside India, I never got the same kind of tea. I realised that by the time the tea reaches the end consumer, there is a complete deterioration in its quality. I wanted to do something about it and bring the real freshness of good teas to people across the globe. 

Which are your own go-to teas?

I have a penchant for mellow Darjeeling black teas and I also love our Kashmiri kahwa and mountain rose. One is a green tea blend, while the other is a black tea-based fragrant blend. 

How does one make the perfect cup of tea?

Making the perfect cup of tea is serious business but can be quite engaging and enjoyable. Every tea requires different conditions for steeping, and following the given instructions to the T is key. You don’t want to be under- or over-steeping your tea.

How many varieties of tea do you sell? What is the most exotic tea available on Teabox at the moment?

At Teabox, we have over 150 varieties of tea split into six different major categories— white, green, oolong, black, chai and blends. Our Badamtam Exotic Spring White tea is the most exotic, and it is priced at around `80,000 a kilogram (about $1,500). But, this year we’ve also had the rare Seeyok Moonbeam Summer Muscatel, which was made exclusively for Teabox, hand-plucked on the night of the red full moon in June. That one was special; it sold out in a week.

What does tea mean to you?

For me, tea is a way to connect and express your hopes and aspirations, share ideas, get inspired. It is a tool that keeps me close to home wherever I go and keeps me grounded. 

What new offerings do you have in store?

We’ve just launched matcha in three variants, which is a great addition. Another recent popular one is Blue Amore, a blue pea flower tea. Every season we get new teas and with every festive occasion, there are new blends our tea masters create; like the new Diwali collection that is coming up soon.

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