Jason Momoa Explains What Travel Means To Him

Jason Momoa Explains What Travel Means To Him
A good climb is Jason Momoa's idea of fun, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa on his life as a gypsy and his never-ending love for beer

Aarti Kapur Singh
September 07 , 2018
03 Min Read

What does a holiday mean to you?

A chance to learn. My mother, who is an artist in the real sense because she is always searching, and always seeing, was the one who introduced me to the true meaning of travel. A holiday for me is not an escape, it is a chance to really live—with campfires, mountains, music and people.

Jason Momoa describes his love for travelling

What are your favourite destinations?

Hawaii is in my blood, but also the American West. I grew up in Iowa. I have the Sierras in my soul. California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada—they are all my favourite rock climbing zones. I have literally fallen head over hiking boots for Newfoundland and Labrador from the moment we went scouting for locations for Braven. Also because I am Aquaman (laughs) you can’t keep me away from the sea! The waves in the Gold Coast, Australia, are the best to ride. But coming back to Newfoundland, the Middle Cove beach is amazing. Red Cliff is also picturesque and serves as a beautiful—yet dangerous—backdrop.

What do you like best about travelling?

The process of discovering, whether it is a new place or something about yourself. Travelling is not about money, flight tickets or buying things. It is about getting up and moving. I love its unpredictable, transient nature.

What do you enjoy most on holidays?

I am an outdoors person so a lot of rock climbing, paddling, surfing, trekking and anything that is hands-on and feet-on and body-on (laughs). Even when we are travelling as familia, my wife and kids do a lot of rock climbing, bonding and just inhaling the beautiful scenery. I think nature would prefer us to experience it this way.

Do you always get recognised on holiday?

I am a gypsy so even when I am travelling for work, I will make it a point to make the most of anything that I haven’t seen before. People recognise me, but somehow don’t bug me. I wonder why (laughs).

Jason Momoa loves his beer when he is vacationing

What do you splurge on while on holiday?

Beer mostly. I can’t do without it. Just bought a 100-year-old former General Motors building in Detroit and plan to devote about 9,000 sq ft of it to my own brewery. I don’t buy many ‘things’. From a young age, I was encouraged to make my things. But I am a walking paradox. I do collect and treasure bits and pieces from my life—my shed back home has a tattered broken swing from my childhood playground and my grandfather’s boots from the Korean War. I find inspiration in them.

What does Aquaman’s luggage comprise?

Aquaman owns nothing. Even his quindent is borrowed. But to answer your question, when I go to the set, it is usually like 15 bags and five guitars. But if I have to really undertake a ‘journey’ it could just be a backpack as well.

And destinations on your wish-list...

Everywhere. Costa Rica, for now. New Zealand also. But I want to go on a biking tour of the West with my family, with its wide, gorgeous scenery and long roads perfect for a few great big motorcycles.

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