Spend A Night At The Great Wall Of China

Spend A Night At The Great Wall Of China

One of the grandest 7 Wonders of the World, The Great Wall of China could be the spot for your next sleepover. Here’s how.

OT Staff
August 07 , 2018
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On this week’s episode of How Insta-worthy Can Your Vacation Get, we bring to you the news that is hitting every traveller with deep, undeniable wanderlust. You can now stay at the Great Wall of China, the longest wall in the world that spreads across 21,000km in length.

Thought staying at a room with a (gorgeous) view was fancy? Imagine being one of the first people to camp out on a wall with 2,600 years of history behind it. Airbnb is setting up this experience as part of a contest, inviting people to participate and win a night here for free.


The temporary camp for two will be set in a watchtower right under the stars, and will have one bed, a small seating alcove and a dining table—all with a beautiful view, of course. The experience will involve a hike up to the room, followed by a gourmet meal and a concert to accompany it. Lastly, travellers will get the chance to see the sunrise from this wonder of the world, and dabble in the basics of Chinese calligraphy. The ultimate aim is to promote the message of conservation of this architectural wonder.

The open-air bedroom inside a watchtower

Despite the fact that the fortifying wall draws in close to 50 million tourists a year, this will be the first opportunity that allows one to sleep over here, making them a part of history. The rules for the lucky ones are basic but few: no loud music, no running along the walls and respecting the neighbours.

The dates for this trip to Beijing will fall between 3-9 September 2018, and one of the nights will be spent at the Great Wall of China.

The contest is open on Airbnb and entries will be accepted till August 11.

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