Know These Hair Hacks When You Travel This Summer

Know These Hair Hacks When You Travel This Summer
Hair needs extra care during summer travels, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Here are some hair hacks to keep your hair game on point this summer when you travel

Adhuna Bhabani
April 23 , 2018
03 Min Read

Summer is all about travel, worshipping the sun and basically being a beach bum. I love heading to Goa to escape from the hustle of the city and get away from the mundane once in a while. The duration of my trips are totally variable but I make sure that the long annual break is in sync with my children’s school holidays during June/July.

Even on my break, I start the day with drinking lots of water and some form of exercise or the other. It energises me and puts me in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day. Not just in summer, but it is important to eat right and stay hydrated. I would recommend you drink lots of water. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and try to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

It’s very important to nourish our hair as often as we do our skin. Sometimes we forget that our hair is also exposed to the natural elements such as harsh sun, extreme climatic conditions, pollution as well as the styling we do to it ourselves with heated tools. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. So I strongly recommend protecting the hair from the environment and from excessive heat. One can use the a vitamin E and avocado enriched intense moisture serum to prep the hair before any heat styling. It’s light on the hair and protects it against any damage that may be caused by heat.

It is a myth that products damage the hair. Extensive research is done by hair professionals during the developmental phase of any product. Science and nature can work well together in the right combination. Consult a professional stylist and work with them to figure out the best solution for you as an individual for your hair and scalp.

I urge you to wear your hair in its natural form. Summer calls for you to embrace the natural texture of your hair even more. So limit the use of heat styling tools. Whether you’re on vacation or otherwise, make sure you arm yourself with a great quality leave-in conditioner that keeps the frizz at bay whilst keeping your hair moisturised and nourished. I use it by a bucketful! 

Today’s busy lifestyles demand us to look good on the go. Sometimes shampooing your hair adds on an extra hour to your getting ready time. A quick fix remedy for situations like this is a dry shampoo. Simply shake the bottle, spray it in at the root, massage it into the root area and voila, your hair is refreshed, oil free and ready to party. The mini sizes are probably the perfect companion on your travels whether to the beach or to the mountains. It’s great for second day hair as well when humidity gets to it, making it flat and greasy.

When the heat is on, sometimes it feels good to get the hair off your neck. Learning to work with a few fun accessories such as scarves, hats and bobby pins in colours or adorned with fun jewels or motis can kill two birds with one stone. Great to help you beat the heat in style.

Every once in a while it’s good to focus on rejuvenating the hair and scalp. The action of a scalp massage stimulates the blood flow which feeds the root of the hair, which in turn provides for a healthy scalp. If the hair lacks moisture and nourishment, you can try applying a deep conditioner wrapped in a hot towel for ten minutes as an extra hydration boost treatment at home. Also a regular trim every 6-8 weeks will help not only to rid split ends but also maintain the shape and cut of your hair.

The writer is founder and creative director, BBLUNT

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