Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

The superstar opens up on his favourite destinations

Aarti Kapur Singh
August 01 , 2017
02 Min Read

OLT: What does a holiday mean to you?
Brad Pitt:
I believe holidays are of two kinds. You may want to go to a place and live it up or you may go somewhere and just laze around. An ideal holiday for me is a mix of both. 

OLT: And that could be anywhere?
Brad Pitt:
Oh yes! Undoubtedly. Though, it helps if the view from your room makes you want to go out and see more of the beauty rather than just lie in bed. 

OLT: What do you enjoy most on holidays?
Brad Pitt:
Depends on where I am. If I am on a holiday to explore, I will not leave any museum, park or cultural hub un-visited. But if I am on a chill-out vacation, I will hardly get out of one place—and perhaps order room service and watch a movie marathon. By and large, it is mostly spending quality time with either myself or those with me. Speaking generally, I am an outdoors person and love treks and rock-climbing. 

OLT: Favourite holiday pastime?
Brad Pitt:
I love exploring a place on foot. So if I go to the hills, I am always trekking the slopes. Even in London, I spend my days exploring the city, mostly by foot, but also by
the tube, boat, buses and the train. I have come across some amazing street musicians this way. 

OLT: What do you splurge on while on holiday?
Brad Pitt:
I think it will be bikes. I hope it doesn’t sound too materialistic when I confess I have bikes in most places I visit. If I’m there three months, four months, five months, it does make sense because I like to get around on a bike. It’s just enough time for someone to go “Hey, isn’t that...”

OLT: Some favourite destinations...
Brad Pitt:
Europe is fantastic, especially in the winter. I love the entire south of France, especially Marseilles. The seafood is great and I end up going over the top with the bouillabaisse fish stew. In Nice, I strongly recommend the Matisse museum, the Russian Cathedral and Nice’s old town, Vieux Nice, where you’ll find the Cours Saleya, a joyous, thriving market square famous for its flower market. I also love Las Ventanas, Mexico. It is a very peaceful and languid place. While we were filming Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Babel, the sights and sounds of Morocco also had a profound impact on me. It is a dreamy country. 

OLT: And destinations on your wishlist...
Brad Pitt:
I’d love to travel to and explore the Himalaya in India. In fact, I would love to explore all of India. I have seen bits of Rajasthan and Goa. I would love to explore the northeastern parts.

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