Ishika Taneja

Ishika Taneja
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The makeup artist would love to travel to Egypt, and her favourite is Venice

Manek S. Kohli
June 30 , 2017

OLT: What have been your favourite places to visit?

Ishika Taneja: Well, one would definitely be Italy. I love Venice; I think it has a great balance of fashion, art and romance. I also love how you can just indulge in Michelangelo’s paintings or Renaissance-era art. I like Los Angeles and Las Vegas too, since they are very welcoming places. They have a lot to offer—be it for entertainment or for your career.

OLT: You are the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest airbrush makeup. Tell us more about it.

Ishika Taneja: It took almost a year of hard work. I locked myself up in my basement and just kept on practising. I used to do 500 faces a day. My target was 25 an hour, since the record was 24. On the record day I managed 60. I think it was possible because I had loads of people helping me out—that and a lot of patience, perseverance and focus. I also associated it with a cause—we donated `12 lakh raised during the event to rape victims.

OLT: You have stayed in Hollywood. What are some of your travel-related experiences from there?

Ishika Taneja: Los Angeles was more about my career, rather than fun. We could instead talk about Vegas, because every time we got some time off, we went there. In LA, the best hing is that you can hire the most luxurious car at the best of prices, so we always hired a sports car to Vegas. And the journey is just so beautiful, with such nice and rocky mountains and scenic views.

OLT: What are some of the places you would like to visit?

Ishika Taneja: I would really like to visit Egypt. I love history, and I’m mesmerised by the history and science of that region—how the pyramids were built, how mummies are still preserved, and Cleopatra is one of the most talked about women in the beauty industry. Also, I’d love to visit Africa since I enjoy wildlife and nature.

OLT: You also won Miss India Tourism. What were the hardships you faced during the journey?

Ishika Taneja: There was never anything to do with hardships—there are sacrifices you have to make. But if they feel like sacrifices, I think you’re on the wrong path. If they give you pleasure, you’re headed in the right direction.

OLT: What does travel mean to you?

Ishika Taneja: Travel means knowing yourself better, because it really opens you up. And you should travel on a budget at least once in your life.

OLT: What makeup item should one carry while travelling?

Ishika Taneja: Fixer for makeup and hair, gel liner, sunscreen, lip and cheek stain, and dry shampoo.

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