Instatraveller: Kalyan Varma

Instatraveller: Kalyan Varma

This well known wildlife photographer and filmmaker's work is exquisite

June 16 , 2017
05 Min Read

A well-known wildlife filmmaker and photographer, Kalyan Varma (@kalyanvarma) captures some great shots of animals and jungle habitats. Take note of some of his black-and-white photographs—we are sure they will leave you mesmerised. Keep scrolling.


The East African plains receive two big spells of rain in an year. These rains make the grasslands one of the most productive areas on earth. #Africa #Kenya #wildlife #mara

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The alpha male of this pride got out of his mid day sleep to chase away a hyena that was lurking near the pride. #mara #Kenya #wildlife #Africa

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Two giraffes engage in a courtship fight. The males hit each other with their necks and the dominant one wins the females. #mara #Kenya #wildlife #Africa

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Zebras taking a mid-day break in Maasai Mara. #Africa #wildlife #Kenya #mara

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An endangered male lion-tailed macaque rips open a jackfruit. These fruit during the monsoons. Only the males can rip open the jackfruit since the females do not have the canines to get though the hard shell. #westernghats #wildlife #natgeo #primates #endangered #monsoons #nature #photooftheday

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