The pop singer talks to us about her travel bucket list turning into a tub list

Ambica Gulati
May 09 , 2017
02 Min Read

OT: Which are your favourite places in India and abroad?
Anaida: I love discovering new places, so wherever I am visiting is my current favourite place.

OT: What does travel bring to your life?...
Anaida: ...Or one could focus on the life one brings to travel.


OT: Who is your favourite travel companion?
Anaida: Mr Google Maps—one of the best inventions ever! I’ll never break up with it.

OT: You recently organised a Persian pop-up at the SodaBottleOpenerWala restaurant, giving people a taste of what people from that region eat. This is so different from music. How does cooking bring fulfilment?
Anaida: Art is my passion and as you keep training with one form of art, you get inspired to try a new form, learn another craft and find a fresh avenue to express yourself. It is very fulfilling. I love cooking and wellness and in this pop-up I got to cover both. I have always felt that cooking is an art. After this experience I have even more respect for it. It’s a pretty powerful medium.

OT: Which is your favourite song? Has a place ever inspired you to burst into a song or made you spontaneously write lyrics?
Anaida: Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan is one of them; there’s something so cool about that song. Places have inspired me many times. Beautiful places, powerful-energy places, dense-energy places—all inspire some of the best lyrics or melodies that I have created. Those are always the best because it’s not really you, it’s more like something flowing through you.

OT: Which places are on your bucket list and why?
Anaida: It’s a very long list; it’s filled all the buckets and has spilled over to my tub also.

OT: What are some of the places that make you happy?
Anaida: Vast green fields near lakes, empty clean beaches, mountaintops and flower valleys. I love certain historical places around the world. Majestic artistic structures—ancient temples in India, elaborately designed mosques in the Middle East, old churches in Europe and museums. There are so many beautiful places to feel happy in and around.

OT: What can we find in your travel bag?
Anaida: Appropriate clothes and shoes for the specific trip, toiletries, gear for whatever sports or adventure if relevant, my iPod and a book.

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