Cultural Mapping from Sahapedia

Cultural Mapping from Sahapedia

Arts, culture and heritage, now consolidated in one website

Manek S. Kohli
April 09 , 2017
Less than 1 Min Read

For an art aficionado, there is no pleasure greater than the pursuit of knowledge. Cultural Mapping is the latest project of Sahapedia (, which is an open online resource on the arts, culture and heritage of India. The project is a promising resource for anybody on this quest. It puts together an interactive online map where one can get information on over 150 notable sites relevant to art, culture and heritage in Fort Kochi and Mattacherry. Done in collaboration with the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, The Cultural Mapping Project’s idea is simple—a Google Map pinned with colour coded post-its on various heritage sites, public places, places of worship, cultural centres, lifestyle spaces and public institutions. On clicking any one of these, one gets comprehensive, authenticated information along with pictures of that site. Other features on the website include an archive of vintage maps of the area and interviews of experts on Kochi and its culture. Sahapedia plans to extend the project to other places, including Delhi.


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