The superstar is a spa person, and she heads for a relaxing session right after checking in

Aarti Kapur Singh
March 31 , 2014
03 Min Read

OT: What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Sridevi: London has always been my favourite place. Next to London is my home in Chennai. It’s the best option for a quick getaway [from Mumbai]; and it always brings back lovely memories.


OT: Your idea of a perfect vacation?

Sridevi: Ideally, a holiday spent at home, listening to music in my bedroom or in front of my computer. But I do love travelling, especially when my family is with me.

OT: What do you like the most about holidays?

Sridevi: I like getting away from all the hustle and bustle. And that I don’t have a routine to follow — although I am really obsessed about sticking to my exercise routine and make it a point to go jogging with my daughter wherever I am holidaying. I also play outdoor games like tennis with my children and try to be regular with my power yoga.

And I am a spa person. Spas are just so blissful and get one into holiday-mode instantly. Trying out the spa is usually the first thing I do after checking in. I know all the new treatments and try them out as soon as I can. I just tried a honey and fruit facial in Pune and am waiting to do it again. If I am in Chennai, I always catch up on my dance and painting.

OT: And what is it that you don’t like?

Sridevi: Packing and preparation. If only there was a genie who would do all my packing for a trip and repack my bags when it’s time to return home.

OT: Any travel worries?

Sridevi: Food. Even more so because I am practically a vegetarian now. I eat fish but very little chicken. But then I survive on cheese, especially goat’s cheese with crackers and binge on any chocolate-based dessert. I always try out the local cheeses wherever I go and almost always end up bringing a lot of them back home with me.

OT: One thing that you never forget to pack?

Sridevi: I may sound crazy here, but it’s green tea bags. I am absolutely addicted to green tea and never, ever travel without my stock. I must start my day with two glasses of warm water with a squeezed lemon and green tea. I am always teased by my family about this quirk, but since my handbag usually is quite empty, I manage to pack my tea there.

OT: What do you shop for?

Sridevi: I have always collected old family photographs, so I am on the lookout for photo frames. I’ve picked up silver and mother-of-pearl frames and ones carved out of driftwood… So, yes, you can say I am a collector of photo frames — all shapes, sizes and materials. I am also very easily tempted by the regular girl stuff — clothes, footwear and bags. Perfumes and fragrances or spa products also feature on my shopping list.

OT: Destinations on your wish list?

Sridevi: I want to go to New Zealand, Hawaii, Spain and Morocco. I have heard so much about these places that I just can’t wait to get there.

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