Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan
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Classical singer Rashid Khan's favourite city is Mumbai because of its warm and responsive audience

Kavita Devgan
November 17 , 2014
02 Min Read

OT: Did you travel much as a child?
Rashid Khan:
I was born in U.P. and brought up in Kolkata — I have great memories of the city. I also remember very vividly a trip to Bombay with my family when I was five years old.

OT: Which is your favourite city to perform in?
Rashid Khan:
I just love performing in Mumbai. I have shows there frequently, and always find an extremely warm and responsive audience.


OT: Any performance that you have witnessed which has left a permanent impression in your mind?
Rashid Khan:
My favourites so far have been the Hampi Utsav and the WOMAD Festival in Australia.

OT: Have you had any disasters while travelling?
Rashid Khan:
I was travelling from Delhi to Jalandhar to be a part of the Harballabh Sangeet Sammelan. Our train got cancelled, so I had to travel by road. On the way, an oil tanker overturned and our car skidded on the road — it’s one of the most scary experiences I have had.

OT: Which destinations feature on your travel wish list?
Rashid Khan:
South Africa and Mauritius.

OT: Which is your favourite city in the world? Why?
Rashid Khan:
Again, I’ll say Mumbai, because I love performing there.

OT: Which destinations would you recommend to travellers to India?
Rashid Khan:
Four things for sure — Taj Mahal, Goa, Kashmir and the backwaters of Kerala.

OT: Do you enjoy shopping while travelling? What do you usually bring back from your holidays?
Rashid Khan:
I mostly shop for clothes, perfumes, belts, bags and shoes, among other things during my travels.

OT: Are you a foodie? Which is your favourite foodie destination and cuisine?
Rashid Khan:
I love the food in Delhi, especially in Karim’s. My favourite restaurant in Kolkata is Benjarong. And I love Thai and Mughlai food.

OT: Five things you always carry with you when you travel?
Rashid Khan: I always carry my cell phone, money, watch, shades and, most important, paan.

OT: What do you like to read when you travel? Which book you are reading at present?
Rashid Khan: I enjoy reading magazines to keep myself up to date with current affairs. The book I am reading at present is The Splendour of Rampur Sahaswan Gharana.             

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