Check Out These Eccentric Themed Hotels in Japan

Check Out These Eccentric Themed Hotels in Japan
Japan, the land of the rising sun, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Japan is known for its quirky inventions, and the love for the peculiar doesn’t just stop at its products but can be found even in its hotels, from places themed after cartoons to crazier ones staffed entirely by robots.

Kevin Verghese
July 30 , 2019
18 Min Read

A trip to Japan would be incomplete without experiencing stay at one of these unique hotels, giving you an experience of a lifetime, so don’t miss out!!


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Book and Bed Tokyo

Consider yourself a book worm? Take this to the next level at Book and Bed Tokyo, where you can book a bed in books. Set around the theme of a bookshop, you can bunk at this mixed capsule hotel, where beds and bookshelves are merged together, allowing you to sleep while surrounded by your favorite novels. The Bookshelf option allows you to sleep within an actual bookshelf, as the capsule bunks are built into the bookshelves themselves. Alternatively, there’s the “Bunk” option, where capsules and bookshelves are separate.

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Explored the Henn na HotelðŸ¤Â–they are creepy or what🤣Interesting❣ï¸Â å¤Â‰ãªãƒ›ãĠルã‚ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ’æÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂŽ¢æ¤ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂœ。置かã‚ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂŒてるロãƒÂÂÂÂÂÂÂœットはともかく、便利で面白い🤣 . . . . #hennnahotel #explorer #tokyo #travel #japan #interesting #future #running #training #marathon #runner #runnersofinstagram #run4fun #runtastic #igrunners #worldrunners #happy #ランニング #ランナー #トレーニング #マラソン #ハシリマスタグラム #ハシリマシタグラ #å¤Â‰ãªãƒ›ãĠル #東京 #æ—ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ…è¡ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂŒ #instagood #便利 #面白い

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Henn Na Hotel, Tokyo Ginza

Making your stay futuristic is the Henn Na Hotel in Tokyo. A hotel staffed primarily by robots, the Guinness Book of World Records lists the chain as the first in the world to do so. H.I.S. Hotel Holdings currently operates nine such hotels in Japan. For example, robot velociraptors, known as a highly intelligent type of dinosaur, staff the front desk at the Henn na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay, in Urayasu, Chiba. These robot dinosaurs bow to visitors, and even occasionally sneeze, making them seem both peculiar and charming.

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Hello Kitty Princess Room @ @keioplazahotel is absolutely beautiful! It truly is a dream hotel room for my dream Hello Kitty trip!! ðŸÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ’•â˜ºï¸Â

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Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo

Tokyo’s Keio Plaza Hotel celebrates ‘Hello Kitty’, a trademark of the Japanese culture in a big way, throughout eight especially themed rooms. The hotel has something for all fans, with ‘Toon Kitty’ rooms for children and ‘Princess Kitty’ rooms for Adults. If you are a lover of pink then this is the perfect place for you, because the whole hotel is designed to be a Hello Kitty wonderland. There is great attention to detail in sticking to the theme of this hotel. Definitely, over the top, there are bright pink bows of the room doors and Kitty paraphernalia everywhere, like the wallpaper, hairdryers, garbage cans, and even bathroom scales. Pink is splashed all over the place too, including pink tubs in the bathroom.

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Miss this room . . . . #godzilla #godzillaroom #godzillahotel #godzillakingofthemonsters #shinjuku #tokyo #japan #hotel #room #themedroom #ゴジラ #ゴジラルーム #ホãĠルグレイスリー #hotelgraceryshinjuku #hotelgraceryshinjuku4thanv #instalike #instaroom

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Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, Tokyo

The Shinjuku Toho Building, Tokyo’s largest entertainment complex, is home to the Hotel Gracery Shinjuku. To celebrate Godzilla returning to the big screen, they went a little Godzilla nuts, by placing a “life-size” nearly 40-foot-high Godzilla head on the 8th-floor terrace. There are also Godzilla themed rooms, and a massive monster waiting right outside your room window so beware if you’re prone to nightmares, otherwise, this one definitely makes for an interesting experience and a good place to base yourself if you’re looking for non-stop fun in the city.

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Nine Hours, #Kyoto - Futuristic and utilitarian, this capsule hotel is quite the novelty experience, making you feel like you’re staying in a space ship rather than a #hotel. It’s also a great option if you’re travelling with friends since it accepts both men and women.

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Nine Hours, Kyoto Japan

The Nine Hours hotel is a ‘Spaceship’ capsule hotel and the novelty factor of this capsule hotel lies in its futuristic, utilitarian and spotless design. Unlike many capsule hotels in Japan, Nine Hours accommodates both men and women. The Amenities are well-catered for with towels, loungewear and toothbrushes provided in each locker. Bathing toiletries include Japanese shampoos, conditioners and body soap. The capsules are comfortable and spacious and are furnished with high-grade linens and a light-based alarm clock. Best of all are the welcoming staff who is happy to help you plan your stay in Kyoto.

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