4 Reasons Why The BLVD Club Is A Hidden Gem For Bengaluru Folks

4 Reasons Why The BLVD Club Is A Hidden Gem For Bengaluru Folks
The BLVD Club in Bengaluru ,

BLVD Club in Embassy Boulevard makes for a great getaway spot for the locals of Bengaluru

Sharmistha Chaudhuri
May 07 , 2019
04 Min Read

I’m never a fan of early morning flights. Beady eyed and still yawning I reached Bengaluru and before I knew it, was whisked away towards BLVD Club. There are plenty of memes and jokes that speak of the traffic situation in Bengaluru but before I could even get a shut eye, the car u-turned and pulled into a side road leading towards the club. I could barely believe it, just 20-odd minutes and we were already pulling up at the destination.

What exactly is the BLVD Club you may ask? It is the city’s first private luxury club at Embassy Boulevard, very, very close to the airport. Located snug inside the Boulevard campus, the club occupies a massive area (1,00,000 sq ft) and offers members easy access to all sorts of facilities, from gymnasium and pool to affiliate memberships in 11 clubs around the world. Opened in late 2017, the club currently has about 350 members with the number is constantly growing.


Here are four reasons why I think BLVD Club is a gem, hidden in plain sight in Bengaluru.

Weekend getaway spot

The club is a perfect weekend getaway spot. You wouldn’t even have to leave your city and yet benefit from a nice refreshing weekend. Some may call it a staycation. Not just the massive surroundings but the vibe is excellent and relaxed, exactly what you’d need to recuperate over the weekends. The club offers 14 extremely comfortable rooms at a reasonable rate (Rs 6000, inclusive of breakfast). The design is extremely pleasing with linear lines and some unique art pieces. The club promises peace, quiet and exclusivity. As I checked into my room, the thought definitely crossed my mind that how great it would be to visit this place during the weekends. It could be a wonderful family getaway—children could be entertained at the kids’ activity centre, and the adults could be busy taking classes (the club plans events every month, the Sunday brunch being one of the most popular ones).

Satiating the belly

Interestingly, I liked the names of the different sections at BLVD Club. In one word, they illustrate exactly what each section is supposed to be. The restaurant is named Core and it kinda is the core of the entire property. Located in the centre of the club, next to the pool and offering al-fresco dining, Core was a revelation. The menu isn’t vast but the choices on it are extensive—from biryani to Cantonese claypot meals (the weekly special on offer when I visited), delectable Norwegian salmon to Remy flamed king prawns, burgers to soups and salads, the quality of the food is excellent and each preparation I tasted, was well presented and well seasoned. The bar area outside is a classic reminder of outdoor seating in many of the clubs across the country and the best part, the cocktails are outstanding. While weekends are crowded, I visited during the week and to my surprise, had the entire place all to myself. Sitting by the bar, drinking a gin and cherry cocktail and eating to my tummy’s delight was wonderful. Also, a membership here entitles one to discounts across Embassy’s hospitality brands, including Le Meridien, Sanchez and Sriracha among others.

The view of the pool in the evening at BLVD Club

Pampering and staying fit

BLVD Club’s spa is called Illume. Located at the ground level, the spa is cosy and offers wellness and healing treatments, massages and a lot of pampering. I opted for their signature ritual, Illuminate, which included a gold sugar scrub, lavender treatment and a body massage (I chose the aroma Thai one, a cross between Thai and Swedish techniques). My masseuse had magic in her hands. As she slowly massaged away the knots, I felt my aches and pain just melt away. Relaxed and happy, all I wanted at the end of the two hours was a nap. An idea you may want to try during a weekend getaway.

BLVD Club has a lot of options for a fitness enthusiast. Tennis and badminton courts, a fully equipped and state-of-the-art gym called Tone, saunas, a multi-sport area, the inviting blue waters of the swimming pool, you name it and the options are plenty.

Haven for business travellers

Let’s be honest. The BLVD Club is perfectly situated for business travellers. Imagine flying into Bengaluru, staying at a luxurious property just minutes away, holding private meetings or working at an office space, even hosting official events at the 150-seater Gala, the club provides all the facilities to attract busy business travellers.

PS: You can avail of three kinds of membership: 1 year, 3 years and 5 years. See here for details.

So, are you a member yet?

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