Zehen at The Manor hotel

Zehen at The Manor hotel

The invitation-only, private member--s club at the Manor Hotel in New Delhi focuses on your well being and fitness

Parvati M. Krishnan
October 29 , 2014
01 Min Read

When you first walk into Zehen ( at The Manor, you get taken in by the earthy tones, the smiles on the staff’s faces, the soothing scents and smells in the air, and the lack of noise. But it is only when you walk out of Zehen that you understand its power over you —  you are smiling, relaxed, satisfied and full of hope. At Zehen — the invitation-only, private member’s club at the Manor — the focus is on your well-being.

On your first visit (if you are a mem­ber or a guest at The Manor), you will be given the Zehen Circuit — a series of consultations with the medical direc­tor, Ayurvedic doctor and nutritional therapist to map your problem areas and set your goals. Dr. Purnima, the Ayurveda doctor, has a knack of figuring out just what might be ailing you mentally; be honest — just talking to her will make you feel better. And the spa and Ayurvedic treatments based on her analysis will only comfort you further. A physical assess­ment at the fitness centre will give you an idea of what your problem areas are and how much weight you need to lose. But, unlike in other fitness centres, the fitness advisors at Zehen give you a positive out­look on your body, and you end up feeling better about your body than you have in ages. A posture correction session only adds to this new confidence.

The ‘Food for Thought’ at Zehen will send you into a tizzy. Designed by the mastermind behind Indian Accent, Chef Manish Mehrotra, the gourmet diet menu at Zehen uses organic, natural and fresh ingredients to create customised and balanced meals for members. What’s more, bento boxes and special tiffins are available for members at a smart price for daily consumption so that they don’t deviate from their diets.

A special indoor pool with a wave gen­erating machine, Watsu body massages, a range of spa and Ayurvedic treatments, delicious and healthy food make Zehen much more than a wellness centre. No wonder you come out glowing!

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