4 Countries With Republic Day Celebrations

4 Countries With Republic Day Celebrations
The Republic Day military parade on Kartavya Path, New Delhi. Credit: / PradeepGaurs,

The Indian Republic will be 74 soon. Here are four other countries which mark their republic day

Pranay Jain
January 23 , 2023
03 Min Read

As we celebrate our 74th Republic Day, this 26th of January, once more with great pomp, we bring to you a few other countries which mark the day their country turned a republic.

Italy, 2nd June


Festa della Repubblica, or the Republic Day, in Italian, is celebrated widely in Italy. Like us, the Italians have been a republic for less than a century. The Italians mark it as a secular holiday. The Italian Republic came to be after a referendum at the end of the Second World War. Till then, Italy had been a monarchy, which was then transformed into a republic. After this, Umberto II of Savoy, the last king of Italy, left for exile. Read more about Italy here and here. 

For more information, check the website. 

Turkey, 29th October

The national day of Turkey is, Cumhuriyet Bayramı, its Republic Day. This is the day on which the country commemorates the Proclamation of the Turkish Republic, which is regarded as a heritage from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey. It is a public holiday, lasts 35 hours, and starts each year at 1:00 pm on 28th October. There are celebrations across the country, with people attending and participating in performances and flag and musical band processions. Read more about Turkey here and here. 

For more information, check the website. 

India, 26th January

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai

On a cold day in January 1950, the Republic of India came to be as we adopted our Constitution by Dr BR Ambedkar. Since then, every year, we celebrate Republic Day on the 26th of January. The day is marked with spectacular military and cultural pageantry. In New Delhi, armed forces personnel march along the Kartavya Path. The central celebrations take place in New Delhi, and begin from Raisina Hill near the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President's House), move along on the Kartavya Path, past India Gate, and onto the iconic Red Fort. The states of India display their best achievements on a tableau and also put on performances of their respective states’ dances. It is a celebration of the unity in diversity of India. Read more about India here and here

For more information, check the website and here.

France, 14th July

The day the monarchy of France was crushed, after the storming of the fortress of Bastille, on July 14, 1789, is the national day of France. Also known as Bastille Day, it is celebrated with a mixture of military parades, fireworks, and generally celebrating with feasts, etc. Read more about France here and here.

For more information, check the website.

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