The Ancient Art Of Murano Glass

The Ancient Art Of Murano Glass
The artistic glass district of Murano in Italy has a long history,

The ancient Italian craft is known for its strange shapes and stunning colours

OT Staff
November 09 , 2022
01 Min Read

The Venetian island of Murano was once full of master glassmakers whose blown glass and alchemical processes could be seen in the many workshops and studios here. But with the pandemic, and massive flooding due to climate change, and the escalating price of natural gas - the art of Murano glassmaking may be hanging in balance. 

Located about 1.5km from Venice, Murano is a series of islands linked by bridges in the Venetian Lagoon in northern Italy. The second largest island in the Venetian Lagoon, after Venice, it is known for its exquisite hand-blown glass craft which is more than 700 years old.


Genuine Murano glass is hand-crafted pure crystal-clear glass, supposedly made from silica extracted from Cogòli del Tesìn basin. To tell the real from the counterfeit, look for the “Vetro Ar­tistico® Murano” trademark decal displayed in the showrooms. Also, ask for a certificate of authentic­ity, which will have the date, time and the name of the artist on it. Anything which is ‘Murano style’ is not real. The island of Murano is a magical place for its beautiful glassware, Murano jewellery and trinkets. Avoid getting the glass­ware shipped; if it arrives broken, the exchange process is tedious.

Campo Santo Stefano is best known for Simone Cenedese’s ‘Comet Glass Star,’ a stunning blue glass starburst sculpture in the middle of the square.

Many glassmakers say that they have been forced to keep their furnaces off in the winter. These furnaces have to be kept burning 24 hours a day at enormously high temperatures. Earlier, the glass was created using furnaces fuelled by wood, and not natural gas.

Inside a Murano glass factory. There are many different types of Murano glass depending on the technique used by glassblowers.

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