Landscapes of Germany

Landscapes of Germany
The spellbinding landscape of Lueneburger Heide during the sunset , Photo Credit: Lüneburger Heide GmbH/Markus Tiemann

Whether silent valleys, or deep seated forests, Germany has plenty up its sleeve for sorts of travellers

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December 26 , 2020
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With a rich history and cultural trails, Germany also boasts of sprawling vistas, abundant naturalscapes and wildlife aplenty. Whether it is the quest for junipers or a dramatic valley with deep ravines, Germany has it all. If you are planning to visit the country, here are 8 landscapes that should definitely be on your itinerary:

Lueneburger Heide
The heather in full spring is a splendid sight
Known for plants such as junipers, birches and heath, Lueneburger Heide is Europe’s largest heath landscape. Worthy of a visit during the heather blossom season, the landscape also has a lot more to explore, all year round. 


Natural Monument Partnach Gorge
The Partnach Gorge in winter
The unique Partnach Gorge stands at an impressive height of 2305 feet, while its walls rise to 263 feet. Connecting the areas of Wamberg and Hausberg, the gorge is one of a kind and makes for stunning views. Travellers can pass the gorge via an iron bridge which is situated 223 feet above the river and was constructed in 1914. 

North Rhine-Westphalia
The Externsteine sandstone rock formations
North Rhine-Westphalia is not just home to a particular view. A mix of history, culture, wildlife and nature, each image captured here is an invitation. Whether world heritage sites—such as castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust, or the history of the Beatles, or the impressive legacy of coal mining and production, travellers here have plenty to get lost in. 

The Long Island with clear skies and serene surroundingsLocated in the Unesco World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea, this ‘Long Island’ is known for its unique landscape and is a highlight for all senses. One can choose to feel the sea and the wind, or listen to seagulls, simply stroll the area or do all at the same time. Everything is located close by and the best way to discover the landscape here is on foot or a bike. 

Saxon Switzerland National Park
Inside the Saxon Switzerland National Park
One of the most notable landscapes in the whole of Europe, it is bizarre rock formations and mighty table mountains that give the national park its dramatic frame. It is believed that what we see today as mountains was once the bottom of a sea. 

The Portaledges in Saarland
Known for its unique perspectives and breathtaking view of the Saar Bow valley, it is almost impossible to not be mesmerised by Saarland. Views from the treetop path, the winds making their way through oak and Douglas fir trees and an observation tower here make for a perfect escape from the city grind. 

The coastline of the Rügen Island
Sunset and twilight colours describe the island of Rügen the best. The sandy beaches and cloudy skies here seem nothing short of magical. The feeling at the island is best only when experienced. 

The Pfalzgrafenstein Castle on a narrow-pathed island
The Rheinsteig trail is not for the faint-hearted. Narrow challenging paths to forests and vineyards. This 320km trail is located on the bank of the Rhine, and runs through shady mountains, quiet forests, rugged areas and winding vineyards. If adventure is your calling, Rheinsteig should be on your bucket list.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with German National Tourist Office, India.

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