On The Sound Of Music Trail in Austria

On The Sound Of Music Trail in Austria
A wax statue of Julie Andrews as Maria in Sound Of Music at Madame Tussauds, Vienna, Photo Credit: Anton_Ivanov/ Shutterstock

The iconic film just completed 55 years. Here's a look at the iconic locations where the film was shot

Trinetra Paul
July 21 , 2020
11 Min Read

Most of us have a special corner for the film Sound Of Music. Who can forget Maria’s cheerful laughter and melodious singing, the pranks pulled off by the von Trapp kids, and the heartwrenching rendition of Edelweiss that the family performs on stage towards the end.

For many (including yours truly), it was the first English film they saw. This year, as the film completes its Emerald release anniversary of 55 years, here’s a look at some of the stunning locations it was shot in.


The principle shooting was done in the 20th Century Fox Studios in Los Angeles. The entire crew also shot at Salzburg, Austria and other European countryside places. These went on to become some of the most iconic scenes in the film.

Mirabell Palace and Gardens

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Remember the soulful melodies of Do Re Mi? Scenes of Maria teaching the kids singing and then dancing near the grand Pegasus fountain are shot in this sprawling palace. Located in Salzburg’s old town, the palace has a rich history. Built in 1606 by Prince Archbishop for his mistress, the palace was the seat where stalwarts like Leopold Mozart and his children, Wolfgang and Nannerl, made music. The palace derives its name from two Italian words, 'Mirabel’ meaning admirable and ‘Bella’ meaning lady. It is also regarded as one of the "most beautiful wedding halls in the world".

Leopoldskron Palace

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The grand palace in Salzburg is one of the principle shooting locales. The scenes where Maria and the kids go boating in the lake and then fall in the river as Captain von Trapp listens to the kids sing and sees them drink pink lemonade, were located in here. In 1736, Salzburg prince-archbishop Leopold Anton Freiherr von Firmian built Schloss Leopoldskron as the family residence. Here's an interesting tidbit: the actress Anthea Kimberly Karath could not swim, and was in danger of drowning during the boat capsize scene.

Picnic Meadow, Werfen

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The film poster shows this lush green meadow where Maria takes the children for a picnic and teaches them how to ‘Do Re Mi’. A 45 minute-drive or a train journey from Salzburg will take you to this breathtaking location. Since 2015, a “Sound of Music Trail” leads you from the village up to the Gschwandtanger Meadow in about half an hour. Visitors love to get a picnic kit and enjoy the serene beauty of the Hohenwerfen Castle just like the von Trapps.

Nonnberg Abbey Convent, Salzburg

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The notorious and mischievous nun Maria created quite a lot of trouble for the other nuns in this abbey which dates back to 714 AD. Four memorable scenes from the musical were filmed here: Maria leaving the abbey to take care of the von Trapp kids wondering “What will this day be like?”, the nuns talking about her, the kids visiting and the Nazis hunting the von Trapps. Though the interior shots were filmed in Hollywood since shooting inside the building isn’t allowed, the original Maria is believed to have spent two years in this place.

Horse Pond (Pferdeschwemme), Salzburg 

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The song “My Favourite Things” is definitely a favourite of mine, and the last bit of the song where Maria and the children dance is shot at this iconic fountain. Located on Herbert von Karajan Square in the heart of Salzburg, it was built in the early 17th century and was originally used to wash the horses of the prince-archbishops. It features striking frescos and the huge “Horse Tamer” statue. It is a picturesque location and is filled with all those nostalgic memories from the film

St. Michael Basilica, Mondsee 

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A breathtaking 20 minute drive or a 50 minute bus journey from Salzburg gets you to the quaint lake-side town of Mondsee. The St. Michael Basilica Church is the place where the final wedding scene of George von Trapp and Maria was shot. The interesting fact is that the wedding was the first scene to be shot in April 1964 and the place is must visit for all fans. Attracting a huge footfall of thousands every year, the bright yellow church with beautiful pink interiors is straight out of a postcard.


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