Around the World with Pantone's Classic Blue

Around the World with Pantone's Classic Blue
Victoria crowned pigeon, New Guinea, Photo Credit: Dif Martin/Shutterstock

Calming, reassuring and confident: this is the Colour of the Year 2020, in pictures

Nayanika Mukherjee
December 07 , 2019
03 Min Read

With the new decade just 25 days away, Pantone has announced its defining colour for 2020—a serene shade called Classic Blue. The company is known for selecting this annual colour based on the emotions and sociopolitical context of the times, and this timeless hue is meant to signify “calm, confidence, and connection” as we leave behind a troubling year in hopes of a more stable tomorrow. Pantone’s very first colour of the year in 1999 was Cerulean Blue, and 2020’s winner comes full circle as a polished, ‘grown-up’ version of that youthful tint.

As Classic Blue becomes the colour du jour—popping up in interiors, fashion, beauty and food—we couldn’t help but admire the many travel photographers who have paid homage to this stunning shade. Below is a selection of some of our favourite pictures spanning landscapes, people and wildlife from across the globe:

Shinnyo-en lanterns float into the Pacific during Hawaii's Memorial Day celebrations in O'ahu

A pair of hyacinth macaws. Vulnerable birds, they are the largest species of flying parrot, and are native to South America

A Monpa tribesman poses in his traditional outfit at a village in Arunachal Pradesh

A shepherd returns home at dusk near the Pangong Lake in Ladakh

Closeup of a Peking opera performer in Toronto. A creation of the Chinese Qing dynasty, it fuses music, vocals, dance, mime and acrobatics

The bustle of a railway platform in India

A devotee collects offerings as Kali at the Dasara festival in Kulasekarapattinam, a remote town in Tamil Nadu

Near the summit of the Chandrashila Trek in Tungnath, Uttarakhand. At over 12,000 feet, it's one of the most popular mid-level treks in the Himalaya

Ganesha takes an afternoon siesta. Seen in Pushkar, Rajasthan

Mayan women chat near Lake Atitlán in Panajachel, Guatemala.

A blue glaucus floats upside down, carried along by wind and ocean currents. A species of sea slug, it's known as the 'blue dragon' for its striking colour. If you see one on the beach, don't try to pick it up; the animal feeds on venomous creatures like the Portuguese man o' war and stores the poison in its tissues. Its sting can be quite dangerous.

Cycladic architecture on display at Chora, the heart of Mykonos, Greece. Souvenir shops, churches, boutiques and eateries dot the streets here.

Young Sikhs at the Hola Mohalla festival in Anandpur Sahib, Roopnagar, Punjab

Jaipur's famous Jal Mahal ('Water Palace') after sunset

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