You Will Be Hooked To Fishing At These Serene Spots in India

You Will Be Hooked To Fishing At These Serene Spots in India
Enjoy a tranquil day of angling at these spots in the country, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

From Ramganga river to Lakshadweep islands, these are seven fishing spots in India where you can try angling legally

Sahana Iyer
October 31 , 2019
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An expansive stretch of clear waters, a fishing rod and an unrecognized silence broken only by the sound of birds and trees. It is understandable why fishing is such a popular recreational activity in the West. While the number of people engaged in angling may not be soaring in India, there is still a fairly loyal base for the sport. Interestingly, considering the depleting population of certain species, many fishermen follow the ‘catch and release’ method instead of pulling the fish out. With the diverse terrain in the country, there are various fishing spots that offer spectacular views while you enjoy the peace you miss in the city. Here are a few of them:

Warning: It is important to note that fishing is not legal in all parts of the country. We strongly urge you to follow procedure and acquire permits to fish in any area you might have on your mind.


A view of Ramganga river with a background of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand
Ramganga River, Jim Corbett National Park

Amidst lush greenery at Jim Corbett National Park runs the serene upper stream of the Ramganga river. A fishermen’s hotspot, this river offers rich bounty of Goonch, Trout and the coveted Mahseer fish. Permission is needed to be required by the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO). October to June are believed to be an ideal period.

The trees and shrubbery canopy over the River Kaveri in Karnataka
Kaveri River, Karnataka

An important spot for anglers that draws people from different nations is Kaveri river that runs through the forests of Karnataka. It is the natural habitat for Mahseer and one can find them in astonishing sizes. However, due to their endangered nature, one must follow the catch and release formula. The location also offers other water sports, including rafting, trekking and bird watching.

Snow capped mountains provide a serene background at the Baspa River in Sangla Valley
Sangla Valley, Himachal Pradesh

At a height of 9000 feet, Baspa river in Sangla Valley is an ideal spot for those looking to fish for trout. Trout-breeding has been active in this location since 1926. March to October is the ideal period. With a tranquil view of towering mountains, this spot in Himachal Pradesh offers an incredible experience for those who cherish their peace and quiet.

Engage in the quiet, more peaceful experience in the Andaman Islands of which you didn't know
Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The Andaman islands are a coastal paradise for visitors from across the world. Despite the dynamic options of surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving, it also offers a chance to fish in its turquoise waters. A coloured variety including Blue and Black Marlins, Dogtooth Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna have been found here. Catch and release is a must here for sustainable practice.

The crystal blue waters of Lakshadweep offer an immersive experience to anglers
Lakshadweep Islands

Tuna lovers must head straight to the picturesque islands of Lakshadweep. Amidst the bright coastal settings, one can fish at the lagoons for the abundantly found tuna. If you’re feeling a tad bit more adventurous, you can also engage in the many water sports such as kayaking, parasailing, wind surfing and water skiing.

Try fishing for the majestic Mahseer at Pancheshwar
Pancheshwar, Saryu and Kali River

Uttarakhand consists of many ideal retreats for anglers, one of them being Pancheshwar on the junction of River Kali and Saryu. Another spot offering gorgeous Mahseer fish, you can find any of four kinds, including golden, redfin, copper and chocolate. Post October till monsoon weather is the perfect time to plan your visit. Discover the remote valley of Arunachal Pradesh for an unparalleled experience

Dibang, Arunachal Pradesh

In the remote yet visually stunning state of Arunachal Pradesh, one can practice angling with no compromise on peace of mind. The Dibang river flows from the southern foot of the Himalayas and offers an abundance of prize catches, including the Mahseer. Visit between October and April to make the most of your experience.

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