Visa-Free! Travel To These 25 Destinations On An Indian Passport!

Visa-Free! Travel To These 25 Destinations On An Indian Passport!
Travel visa free with an Indian passport , Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Looking for your next vacay idea? Here's a visa-free list of 25 countries you can go to on an Indian passport

Simrran Gill, Roop Sawhney
October 30 , 2019
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Bhutan’s blanket of serenity, Fiji’s heart shaped island, Qatar majestic architecture or the casinos in Macao are all things worth experiencing. While the world has a lot to offer, a couple of times visa restrictions come in the way of us experiencing it all. However, we have a list of places you can travel to visa free on an Indian passport. According to Henley’s passport index, India ranks 82nd and has access to travel to 59 destinations across the world without having to worry about a visa. Following are the 25 countries you can travel to without a visa. 



Bhutan: Nestled between India and China, the stunning natural scenery and magical monasteries are symbolic of the rich Buddhist culture that Bhutan carries. Go visa free for: 90 days

The serenity of Bhutan is unmatched

Nepal: Home to the Himalayas, Nepal is nothing short of a dream for trekkers. Beautiful temples and charming hillside villages adorn the streets of the country making it one of finest tourist destinations in the world. Go visa free for: 30 days

Nepal is home to beautiful temples

Indonesia: Indonesia is the largest island country in the world and boats of over 17,000 islands. The country is a land of many cultures and has a rich heritage. Go visa free for: 60 days

A breathtaking view of Indonesia
The Vegas of China is known for its world class entertainment and the constant backdrop of glitz and glamour. A gambler’s paradise, Macau has a rich Chinese heritage with hints of Portuguese culture. Go visa free for: 30 days

That view is not something you'd like to miss


Serbia: A cosmopolitan city, Serbia is not just about its nightlife. Wine regions, thermal spas, national parks are a few among the many gems that Serbia holds. Go visa free for: 30 days

Serbia serves contemporary on a platter


Mauritius: A fabulous culinary destination, with a plethora of beaches and plenty of potential for exploration, Mauritius is one of the most popular tourist destinations for beach lovers. Go visa free for: 60 days

Mauritius is paradise for beach lovers

Senegal: With vibrant streets on one hand and quaint villages on the other, Senegal provides a myriad of experiences to its visitors.  National parks, beautiful colonial architecture and quaint villages are some of its highlights.Go visa free for: 90 days

Senegal is home to quaint villages

Tunisia: Tucked away in Northern Africa, Tunisia borders the sea and the Saharan desert. Archaeological exhibits, museums, mosques and a thriving souk are some of the things that attract tourists from all around the world. Go visa free for: 90 days 

Breathtaking view of Tunisia


Cook Islands: Islands, mountains and coral reefs surrounded by crystal clear water and all within the same landscape is possible in Cook Islands. Known for its snorkeling and scuba diving sites, the country is a South Pacific Paradise. Head here for a laid back vacay! Go visa free for: 31 days

Polynesian boats mooring on Muri lagoon in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Fiji: Palm lined beaches and clear lagoons best define Fiji. A much sought after beach vacation or a simple getaway, Fiji doesn’t disappoint its visitors.Go visa free for: 12 days

Empty hammock in the shade of palm trees on tropical Fiji Island

Micronesia: Micronesia, made up of four islands, is home to palm-shaded beaches, wreck-filled dives and ancient ruins. Apart from beaches, Micronesia has history and culture ready to be served to whoever visits. Go visa free for: 30 days

Colonia, Yap island, Federated States of Micronesia

Niue: One of the smallest countries with one of the largest raised coral atolls on earth, Niue is where nature retains its sanctity. The country is spread around 14 villages with less than 1,500 residents. Go visa free for: 30 days

Limestone cave and pool, Avaiki, Niue

Vanuatu: Uninhabited beaches, local cultures and high plateaus are what Vanuatu has in store. The indigenous population here is also something that sets it apart. Go visa free for: 30 days

Water flows down the Mele Cascades waterfalls among lush jungle in Efate Island, Vanuatu


British Virgin Islands: A well wrapped nature’s secret, British Virgin Islands involves plenty of island hopping and a romance with the beach. It is a collection of 60 unspoiled and pristine islands. Go visa free for: 31 days

Beautiful sunset scene on the island of Virgin Gorda

Dominica: All volcanic activity underwater has led to spellbinding underwater preserves and the best diving experience. Apart from that one can hike through rainforests or simply soak up the positivity. Go visa free for: 90 days

Stairway Pathway on the island of Dominica on Boiling Lake Hike

Grenada: Untouched beaches, stretches of white sand beaches, corals and warm people are what will be the highlights of your vacation Grenada vacation. Grenada is serenity in its purest form. Go visa free for: 90 days

Colourful view at Carenaga harbour of St. George's, capital of Grenada

Haiti: A mixed culture including that of the French and Africans with contributions from the Spain, Haiti is a unique blend. A feasible climate throughout the year here is an added bonus. Go visa free for: 90 days

Labadee beach, Haiti, Caribbean Sea

Jamaica: Extremely vibrant and colourful Jamaica is home to breathtaking landscapes are well as engaging activities. Jamaica, in its truest sense is the home of rhythm and sway. Go visa free for: 30 days

Aerial shot of White River, Ochios Rios, Jamaica

Montserrat: Montserrat’s landscape is of mysterious and startling contrasts. The sights here are breathtaking and will change the way you see things. Go visa free for: 30 days

Top view of Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey in Monistrol de Montserrat

St. Kitts and Nevis: An island country in the West Indies, St. Kitts and Nevis, offers not only pristine islands but also a flavour of local rum and beach bonfire. St. Kitts is small enough to see in a day, and big enough to explore for a lifetime. Go visa free for: 30 days

Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis town skyline at the port

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an Anglo-Caribbean country where the famous Pirates of the Caribbean was shot. Need we find another reason to be here? Go visa free for: 30 days

Sea and palm trees in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago: The Southern-most island country in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, calls itself the true Caribbean. It is a melting pot of cultures and never dying spirit. Go visa free for: 90 days

Palm trees in Trinidad and Tobago


Ecuador: Endowed with vast natural wealth and abundant biodiversity, Ecuador is a paradise for those looking to plan a vacation in nature’s lap. While here one should not miss a visit to the various national parks.  Go visa free for: 90 days

Travelling by boat into the depth of Amazon Jungles in Cuyabeno National Park, Ecuador

El Salvador: El Salvador is famous amongst tourists looking for both natural and man-made spots in a single place. One should also not miss the country’s highest volcano while in El Salvador. Go visa free for: 90 days

The perfect rocky dusty peak of the active and young Izalco volcano


Qatar: Old world charm blended perfectly with culture, Qatar has something for every traveller. Discover this Middle Eastern gem while letting your senses come alive. Go visa free for: 60 days

Aerial view of the Pearl Qatar island in Doha through the morning fog


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