Butterfly Watching In Tamenglong, Manipur

Butterfly Watching In Tamenglong, Manipur
A Common Jay butterfly, Photo Credit: Mordecai Panmei

Butterfly, nature's own health indicator and a pretty thing to look at

Precious Kamei
September 20 , 2019
02 Min Read
The story of a butterfly is pretty much a rags-to-riches kind of story. It starts out as an ugly caterpillar and goes on to become this winged beauty and more importantly, a crucial indicator of a healthy environment and ecosystem. Who knew these flying beauties would help us figure out climate changes, determining pollution levels etc. Did you ever stop to observe a butterfly? They are excellent pollinators just like birds and the bees. Imagine a world without these little winged miracles of nature—fewer pollination, fewer plants. #ToughLife
Not many people are aware of butterfly watching or butterflying. And we wanted to change that. India has some great butterfly hotspots that we should talk about more but for now, our search for an offbeat butterfly hotspot brought us to Tamenglong district in Manipur. 
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(Images by Mordecai Panmei, Tamenglong, Manipur)
A Common Grass Yellow butterfly 
Common Sailors are pretty common everywhere
Common Sailor
A Common Tiger Butterfly
A Gum Emperor Moth
A shimmery Paris Peacock Swallowtail
Popinjay butterfly
A Red Lacewing Butterfly
Yellow Luna Moth (find the missing tail in the next picture)
The missing tail of the Yellow Luna Moth

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