Galli Gang: The Artistic Side of Mumbai

Galli Gang: The Artistic Side of Mumbai
Street art is a powerful form of expression in Mumbai, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

While the city is known for its spirit and rushed lifestyle, take a few minutes out to gaze at these stunning wall arts

Sahana Iyer
August 08 , 2019
06 Min Read

From the time it was known as Bombay, Mumbai has always been brimming with spirit, vibrancy, urgency and people.  Lots of people. The city is one of India’s metropolitans and sure has the attitude to be one. An eclectic mix of people, Mumbai expands avenues of opportunity for those looking to seek themselves. Crisp, steaming vada pavs at thelas to grandiose buildings at Fort to people pouring in and out of already full locals; the city is truly a marvel. Did I paint you a picture? Probably not. Instead, travel through the culture of the city of dreams through the street art found across Mumbai.

As intimidating as the city can be, the street art found at around almost every corner is a comforting reminder of the diversity of people— some living here for generations, most others starting out afresh— as well as its culture and society.

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Apart from art depicting slice of life events, many street artworks also give you an insight into a creative mind. Brilliant abstract and surreal paintings swept across the walls, it does not fail to make you turn.

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Another twist in the creative mind gives us paintings that are created out of simple everyday objects. Every viewer’s imagination is challenged as well as piqued when one encounters these innovative methods of art depiction.  


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Additionally, while art is used to lighten one’s mood, the same is also a weapon to induce thought. Environmental, social and political messages and calls for awareness are often conveyed through mere strokes of paint. Graffiti is most commonly used to spread such messages.

The above image was painted for #InternationalJusticeDay





Queenie Li June 04 , 2020

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