The Birds and the Beasts of Bandhavgarh

The Birds and the Beasts of Bandhavgarh
Spotty, the famous tigress of Bandhavgarh, Photo Credit: Precious Kamei

Come for the tigers and stay for the birds at Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Precious Kamei
September 08 , 2018
02 Min Read

I've always had a mixed feeling about tiger tourism, torn between desperately wanting to see a tiger in the wild and also wary about most tourists (when it comes to wildlife) and how they behave when they are in the wild. For instance, maintaining silence in the forest, it makes complete sense because the animals that reside there are not used to human voices, for them it's not normal. My hesitation with regards to tiger tourism comes from the obvious lack of discipline some tourists display when they are in the wild. Respect towards animals, and this goes without saying. We are in their territory, respect should be the first thing to cross our minds.

My experiences in Bandhavgarh crossed many levels of happiness and excitement. The safari started with a big bump, thanks to the rough terrain of the national park. A mere five minutes into the jungle and we spotted our very first and fresh pugmark, followed by several others of atleast two cubs and an adult female. An hour and a half later, we were following the calls of sambar and langurs. What followed after the careful chase could only be described as a wonderful date with beautiful birds, big cats and others beasts. (And we all know where to find them!)A jungle owlet keeping an eye on us from afar


We spied a solitary lesser adjutant, looking less than interested in us

A male spotted deer creates a beautiful silhouette against the sun

Spotty the tigress came striding towards our jeep

A chance encounter with a wild boar

An Egyptian vulture

A pond heron looking for a meal

Forest Department's elephant out on a regular patrolling duty

Known as strangling vines, these parasitic vines reach far and wide and are dependent on the host trees for their survival. They are a threat to the trees.

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