Wild Horses of Cumberland Island

Wild Horses of Cumberland Island

Besides pristine beaches and maritime forests, Cumberland Island in Georgia is also home to a mysterious population of feral horses.

December 11 , 2017
01 Min Read

These breathtaking encounters with nature are all remarkable in their own right, but it’s when you get your first glimpse of the island’s mysterious and majestic wild horses that your heart will start racing. Surprisingly, the horses themselves are never in a hurry. They move about casually, their regal gait slow, elegant, and deliberate, without a concern for your presence. These horses represent a window into a life in which all of our simplest needs and desires are realised. We envy their ability to live on their own terms, seemingly at peace among themselves, surrounded by such extraordinary beauty, with the natural wonders and rich variety that can only be found on Cumberland.

Scholars and naturalists are unable to pinpoint the origins of these horses. It is likely that the early Spanish missionaries were the first to bring them to Cumberland Island. Today, Cumberland’s wild horses are left completely alone, untouched and unmanaged. As a fascinating display of their adaptation to island life, the many bands are constantly moving about the island so that most can access various ecosystems to find required nutrients and fresh water.

It is the combination of the island’s extraordinary beauty, rich history and the enduring legacy of these majestic horses that creates the ultimate escape that exudes a simple sophistication.

(An extract from Wild Horses of Cumberland Island)

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