Nicobar, a brand known for its culture-immersed and contemporary offerings, has recently collaborated with WWF India to create an ocean-inspired collection of daily-use items. Each product is not just marine-themed, but emphasises the need to protect the wonders of nature from further harm. Branded as a ‘capsule’, the WWF x Nicobar line includes travel accessories such as wash-and-wear bags, a tote bag inspired by deep-sea diving, sustainably created paper-pulp pencils, as well as general products like stirrers and notebooks. Represented in the product design are many interesting animal species—like the timid dugong, the large leatherback turtle, colourful corals and others. This way, customers not only get their hands on something trendy and convenient, they also learn a thing or two about wildlife. Products range from 80 to 3,800; see