Photo Gallery

Exploring Bhedaghat

Serene boat rides down the Narmada River, between towering marble cliffs

Passion for the Wild

Meet the guides, naturalists and environmentalists who play an important role in national parks

Dance Performances by the Baiga Community

A deep connect with nature reflects in the folk songs and dances of this forest-dwelling community

The Soul of Maihar - Baba Allauddin Khan and his Band

A peek into what remains of the renowed Maihar gharana that included the likes of Baba Allauddin Khan and Pandit Ravi Shankar


The Comb Makers of Ujjain

Learn about the rapidly perishing art of wooden comb-making in Ujjain

The Art of Mandana

Meet women artists who are responsible for preserving this living heritage of an art form in Madhya Prades

The Art of Batik

Behrugarh, a little village outside Ujjain has preserved the art of batik printing for hundreds of years

The Making of ‘MP Mein Dil Hua Bache Sa..’

ou saw, you enjoyed and you loved our 'MP mein dil hua #BacheSa' ad.